Thursday, July 24, 2014

Chicken yard update.

I wanted to share with everyone some of our chickens. We currently have 19 chickens, 17 hens and 2 roosters. The youngest rooster is looking for a new home?
Above is our "runt" Cream Legbar at 20 weeks old, she is a bit smaller than her sister below. These beautiful birds lay blue or green eggs. Not confirmed their eggs yet. We also have 2 Easter Eggers that lay blue or green eggs, so hard to confirm until we see them on the nest.
Above and below the bigger Cream Legabar same age 20 weeks. Her neck feathers are brilliantly golden in the right light.
One of our 2 Black Stars at 20 weeks. The combs are slow growing and will be red when she is ready to lay eggs. The green sheen on her back and golden tones on her breast makes her an interesting bird.

 Above is one of our two Red Stars. At 20 weeks we think at least one of them is laying eggs.
Above is Frenchy, she is 18 months and is a Cinnamon Queen. Best layer hands down in our chicken pen. She is second in command with the hens.
Above is one of our 4- 9 weeks old bantam chicks, we raised from eggs provided by a friend and a raised by our broody hen Lightbulb. She is my favorite, love the colors!
Our 9 week old cockerel, he's looking for a new home. Any takers? We think he's been attempting the crow the past 2 days.

 Here is our bantam rooster. He's fast and usually does not know what to do with our full size hens. He does have the 2 Easter Eggers as favorites.
This is Ding-a-ling she's a 18 month old Welsummer, we have tow of them. They are nice birds, the eggs are a bit small and don't lay as many eggs as some of our other birds.

 Above is our other Welsummer, she has small spurs like a rooster. She doesn't have a name.

Above is Lightning, she's a bantam we got her where she was about 8 weeks old. Her name came from the fact she was our first bantam and she's lightning fast.


Shady Gardener said...

I'm going to assume you are gathering a lot of eggs! Be careful about having a rooster around... and diligent about the gathering of the eggs - unless you plan to raise chicks. I have a "horror story!" ;-)

Fun hobby. We used to make quite a number of angel food cakes with the eggs we gathered as I was growing up! :-) Yum!

Kim and Victoria said...

Chickens are so interesting! Pretty birds!

Deidre Dawkins said...

That black star is exceptionally beautiful. I'm trying to figure out what I have here. When I got them as chicks they were labeled as Ameraucanas, but they are black with the emerald green feathers around their necks and with some white and gold feathers mixed in. They lay brown eggs. They are really sweet. I guess they are mutt chickens.

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