Saturday, January 19, 2013

Hellebores out!

Sorry I have not posted in over a month. It has been very busy here leaving me no time for myself. And I joined Facebook which has taken away my blogging time. Facebook brought me a contact who was looking for me to use 2 images in an upcoming book so that was a win win.

So our hellebores are blooming and winter arrived yesterday. The 1 1/2 inches of snow we got is mostly gone, the back steps still are covered in the shade.

 Semi double hellebore, supposed to be a picotee.
 This is my Romanian hellebore, been struggling for at least 2 years in the garden.
 Here is what one plant looked like before the snow yesterday.
 Our most common helebore.
 Hoping this opens soon, freezing temps the the next 5 days.

 Likely my most beautiful double hellebore

 This hellebore is hazy from the camera lens.
 Penguin the hen that gets out all the time. Just because it's called chicken wire it does not mean she is supposed to perch on it!
Bright and cheery hellebores this morning when it was 29 degrees outside.

We also have 2 crocuses blooming in the garden. Bees are out drinking from the melting snow.