Saturday, June 27, 2015

Sara P Duke Gardens in late June

Visited Duke Gardens today, looked really nice as always. This post will share some of the scenes and plantings in the gardens. Always look forward to visiting the gardens, looks like there is a lot more ginger lilies planted than ever before hope to catch them in bloom in late summer.

 Coneflowers were in peak bloom, a real delight. Same no big butterflies visiting them though.
 Hostas and ferns, nice!
 Lots of elephant ears mixing the colored foliage. 
 Water Lilies!!

 Two angles of my favorite bench in the gardens, nice hideaway.

The white garden above and below, only white flowers in this garden! 

 Gray Hairstreak on Black-eyed Susan.
 Old fashioned flowers in the Burpee Garden.
 Juniper Hairstreak!