Saturday, June 30, 2012

June heat wave


April and May were very wet and the garden became lush because of the damp weather. June has been hot, yesterday and today were supposed to perhaps reach 105 degrees f..... The next few days at least 100 degrees.

I'm almost done with my big deck and porch project in Chapel Hill see my post here is a sample photo of my handywork. The landscaper is coming soon to fill in the bottom of those stairs. I might build a play house at the bottom of the hill also.
Back to our garden. Saw this male Black Swallowtail that just emerged next to my bees the other morning. Meg usually collects caterpillars in our garden and her second grade class raises them. We have very young caterpillars right now, they will be finished by July18th when school starts back.
I cleaned up about one third of the ponds edge, bet I carried close to 200 pounds of black berry canes up the hillside while cleaning up. Hoped to get better access to see frogs and dragonflies. Best photo thus far was taken in the main garden. Here is a Great Blue Skimmer easily told by the white face and large size.
Back in 2008 we planted these black-eyed Susans, they barely have lived through all the droughts we have had. And they are planted a bit too much in the shade and just out of reach of the sprinkler. I'm sure it has been three years since we saw a bloom!
Holly Hocks these were planted last year, two seasons before they bloomed, very lovely indeed with blooms over 3 inches each beautiful.

So Meg has been on and off mad at me for not going on a vacation. Just too many unfinished projects to do , my customers waiting way too long and our two elderly dogs now need cleaned up after almost daily. We could not find a house sitter to take care of them nor did we want to drop them off at a kennel. The new cat we named Manny he's a real cut up most of the time. Mad at me tonight for closing the back door on him, it was 100 degrees outside and I left the back door open for a seconds as I filled a glass of water then pushed it closed, he screamed and ran away mad, never knew he was there.

The bees are doing great. My smallest hive Lindsey has for a week had more bees on their porch than the other 4 hives here combined. They lack having much comb and I just started feeding them. My bees at Scott and Paige's garden looked like they made no gains in the past 3-4 weeks, I gave them some syrup on Friday morning and instantly saw 4 bees with pollen! My busiest hive in the farm hive those bees are smoking. The five hives here all seem to be doing well.

Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Beaver Queen Pagaent in Durham!

Here is some home town humor that was a benefit to save the wetlands surrounding Ellerbe Creek which runs through Durham. The theme is of course beaver, if you have beavers in your watershed you have a healthy water shed. Funds raised benefited the Ellerbe Creek Watershed Association. This was our second year going to the Beaver Queen Pageant and it was a hoot as you can tell from these videos.

If you click on the YouTube link you can view these full screen in HD.
Fur Pelton John last years winner of the Beaver Queen Pageant!

Furrah Gnawsett-Major this years Beaver Queen!

Bevo performing Slap it Good! I really liked these bucket head guys!
We voted for Bailar Beaver the Latina entry, she won best Talent. The gal in the red striped leggings is one of my customer, I did the glass block in her remodel 4 years ago. These girls can dance!
Bailar Beaver again, get a look at those colorful beaver tails..
Here is Down Under Beaver, she won Best Bribes. Bribing the judges is part of the fund raising.
During the talent competition Furrah Gnawsett-Major played a clarinet while hula hooping. She played the theme to Star Wars!
Marilyn Damho certainly had the biggest and best entourage with there Furlesque show. She won Miss Hygeniality.
Hang on Marilyn goes all the way during her furlesque dance. Oh my, cover the kids eyes..

This was Taco Belle, preforming All my Ex's live in Texas. She won Best Stage Presence.

Marilyn Damho talking about the love of beavers. Get a load of the guys carrying the banner for her!

And for a finish, given my camera battery went dead. Singing ESWA (to YMCA) everyone joins in.

If you liked these video clips, here are some even better clips another person did.

Sunday, June 03, 2012

The New Kitty!


We have now had the new kitty 8 days, he seems settled in. It took no time for him to get adjusted to our 2 old dogs Dot and Daisy. He is still not adjusted to Valentine our female cat. They growl at each other and do small chases. No cat fights have ensued thus far. We see a bit of jealousy between the two cats in regards to territory and us.

He has lived in three states already and he is just a year old. Has had a lot of names, first Mannie, then Baby Kitty and also Marty. We have thought about calling him Mellow, but his antics inside the house changes that. He had bounced off the big chairs in the living room like he's banking a turn on roller blades! Another name we are considering is Trouble Maker. Anyone think of a good name for this kitty, we are stumped thus far?

He has been outside by himself unattended, but he has not figured out the pet door even though he has witnessed Dot going in and out many times. We have showed him through the pet door several times. He was an inside cat so he is slowly getting used to going outside. Our biggest problem right now is his climbing on the window screens chasing after moths.

I think he looks like a cross between a Siamese Cat and an Orange Tabby, what do you think?