Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Cape Fear Garden Club Azalea Garden Tour part 1

Last Saturday we did the Cape Fear Garden Club Azalea Garden Tour, well 10 of the 13 gardens. The gardens were amazing and so was the other area gardens. My favorite was garden number 1, it utilized a small space and made for a beautiful garden that was done by the owners themselves.
Here is an hardy orchid from garden #1.
I think this was the neighbors gate at garden #1, the yards linked beautifully.
This was the deck with a beautiful arbor at garden #1. The girl is from a local high school one of many recruited as an "Azalea Belle" each garden had 2-3 belles.
The potting shed at garden #1, lovely!
Garden #1 had a beautifully bordered bed of yellow pansies.

The front door with really nice planters at garden #2
Nice dripping pot under azaleas at garden #2.
Small gazebo at garden #7
Garden #4 had a really nice border and Azalea Belle.
Garden #4 nice fountain and Azalea Belle.

The most awesome potting shed I have ever seen, great touches as seen in the three photos below.

Garden gate from garden #5
Garden #7 had a handmade trellis with coral honey suckle and Lady Banks roses planted together. Really nice combination as both bloom at the same time.

 One of the borders at garden #7, loved the recycled doors!
The swing with fountain at garden #7
The fire pit with fiddle playing azalea belle made this garden visit extra nice with the live music.

The home owner done gardens were the ones I liked the most. We visited one moneyed garden where it was obvious the owners probably did not know which end of a shovel to use. Everything about the house was custom and the garden followed the same suit, being built by the builder or the builders landscaper.


Anonymous said...

Enjoyed seeing your pictures. Lovely yards.

sandy lawrence said...

I like to see gardens done mostly by the owners, too, and generally the smaller gardens are the most winsome, also. I am coveting those potting sheds! Thanks for taking us on tour by way of your lovely photos. BTW, that hand rail is an interesting solution to the need for a double support for people on both sides. Unique construction to me.

Linda said...

A thoroughly enchanting post with stunning photos. Thank you so much for sharing.

Jennifer AKA keewee said...

How beautiful. I would love to have a potting shed like that one.

Les said...

Thought I was in a time warp seeing Belles in the garden, lovely gardens though.

Shady Gardener said...

What fun!

I haven't been visiting Anyone for so long! I need to see if I can locate photos of your bottle wall!

Happy Spring!!

Appalachian Lady said...

Love to go to gardens and your season is so far of where I am (azaleas just being to bloom here). I am inspired by the potting shed and table which has tile top.

I planted my peas close together this year like I saw on your blog. They are coming up thick. Usually I would thin but won't do it to see if they do better as your post said. I would like to see a photo of your peas.

Kim and Victoria said...

Great pictures, Randy. Lovely gardens. The "belles" were a great idea. I agree, we always enjoy and admire the owner built gardens. Money can do things, but when you come up with your own plan and then bring it about yourself, that's a whole different level.

Sunita Mohan said...

How lovely! Love those potting sheds and the azaleas, both.

Anonymous said...

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