Wednesday, January 29, 2014

JC Raulston Arboretum winter flowers.

Visited the JC Raulston Arboretum on January 16th, it was in the 20s if I recall it was cold. We had a few days before a 9 degree night, which did little damage. Here are some of the flowers I found.

The only blooming camellia was this Camellia X vernalis 'Ginryu'. Small blooms around 1 1/2 inch, might have helped it from freezing having small blooms. The arboretum only has a few camellia bushes.

 Snow drops I found only a small patch of them. These are Galanthus plicatus. Wish I could grow these. We had babies under ours last year, not sure if they survived, the chickens might have gotten them.

Lots of Helleborus foetidus  'Pontarlier' in bloom.

Winter Flowering Iris, Iris unguicularis  Every time I see this in bloom in the winter is seems so out of place.

 Fragrant Wintersweet, Chimonanthus praecox This was a new plant for me, the aroma caught me as I was walking by two huge bushes of these in bloom. The blooms are small maybe an half inch. I want some for the garden and I think it might tolerate shade too.
Ozark Witchhazel, Hamamelis vernalis This witchhazel really got my attention!

Ozark Witchhazel, Hamamelis vernalis 'Quasimodo' This one was the smallest in the garden I almost missed seeing it.
Red Common Witchhazel, Hamamelis xintermedia 'Diane' 
This one had big blooms but fewer of them. I liked it a lot.
 Common Witchhazel, Hamamelis xintermedia 'Aurora' This witchhazel was near the main entrance and it was giving quite the show!

In our garden the only witchhazel has lots of buds, but they have not opened yet.

Winter Spicebush, Lindera chienii  This was a new flowering shrub for me, very interesting and about 12 foot around, very big.
Prunus mume ' Rose bud' This flowering apricot was  just opening up. The gardens had three different Prunus mumes in bloom, the bright sun made for horrible photos.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Hey everyone back again, not been doing much blogging. I need to get inspired again, with spring somewhere near by (OK dreaming of it on a 20 degree day) I'm looking forward to our hellebore garden blooming. Currently we have 3 plants blooming see my facebook page  with the photos. The last three photos were taken last week, the other last season. I'm always looking for new and old gardening friends so friend request me if you have not already done so.

On Wednesday this week we got an 1/2 inch of snow. I took Baxter to the local park and we walked 3 miles in the snow. The back trail only had one set of foot prints going in and out, so we had that part of the park to ourselves. Still some lingering snow in the shadows here.

 See the only set of foot prints going in and returning by Baxter's feet. Baxter has been getting training from a family member who takes him for runs up to 6 miles. He has calmed down a good bit and stays with you in the yard without being leased. Well most of the time.
 Wanting home made dog cookies!
 Its really nice to let him run. Oh, I promised him a dog treat look at that tongue!
 OK, where's my treat? The snarled look is due to his one flaw the vet pointed out, a canine tooth slightly extending outward.
Behaving and posing for the camera. It took a long time to get him to actually stand still.

Next post will be some Witch-hazels I found blooming while garden visiting recently. And more winter flowers.