Saturday, February 01, 2014

Peas Planted early, but at the best time!

Hey everyone we planted Sugar Snap peas today! Here in central North Carolina it gets very hot by May and unless you plant your peas early the heat slows them down and wilts them. So we plant them early. Meg planted these thick as she always does.  This way makes a great crop so you can loose a few to birds or slugs, you still get a good crop. We used 1/2 pound peas for 4 10 foot rows. BTW you can order peas online or by catalog as the stores don't have them until mid March... Ours came from Johnny's Select Seeds.

Also we covered them with a light covering of straw and then a protective fabric called remay. That will keep the birds out of them as they get started.
This shows you how thick we plant our peas!

A word about our chickens, we have 6 hens. On January 29th they laid 6 eggs, today February 01 they laid 6 eggs AGAIN!