Saturday, March 14, 2015

Plant Delights and Juniper Level Botanic Gardens

We went to the open house at Plant Delights Nursery yesterday, the focus was on hellebores. It was at least 10 years since I visited there, back then I didn't know what a hellebore was. I do recall spending $125 and getting a box and a half of plants, this time $125 bought a half box of plants. Just about everything they sell is rare and unusual, so one would expect to pay more.

Some impressive gardens don't you think?

One thing that was a surprise was all the trillium in the gardens, never seen so many in all the years I have been gardening.. 
The gardens are called Juniper Level Botanic Gardens
Meg, bought the above trillium Oconee Yellow, we have a few trilliums in our garden. Maybe one day we'll have a mass of trilliums like shown below.

 I'm a big fan of cyclamen we have maybe 6 varieties in our garden, I added 2 more today, one of them a white blooming cyclamen.

  • Ok now for some hellebores from the gardens.

  • Above is a single flowering hellebore.

  • Here is a semi double hellebore.

  • Above and below some very nice double hellebores.

     Yellow hellebores used to be somewhat rare, not anymore.

     This semi double I've love to have in our garden one day.
     Below is Penny's Pink we have it in our garden expecting it to open up any day.


    Kim and Victoria said...

    OMG. BEAUTIFUL! Gorgeous gardens, gorgeous hellebores!

    Sue Willis said...

    That's quite a hellebore obsession you're developing! Beautiful photos as usual Randy.

    Les said...

    I'm glad to see a post from you. I love what Plant Delights offers, I love their catalog, I love their gardens. I don't love their prices, but given what they do and what they offer, I am surprised they don't charge more.

    Indie said...

    What beautiful hellebores! I've been to the Plant Delights nursery and the gardens a couple times, but never in spring. Such a beautiful place! And amazing plants!

    Shady Gardener said...

    I think I'll admit to jealousy over your being able to BE at Plant Delights! The hellebores are wonderful. YOU.grow beauties, too! I am sorry I don't seem to "get out much!" Are you having a great Spring? We are!! :-)

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