Sunday, March 10, 2013

Baby chicks!

Hey everyone! Wanted to talk about chickens. Let me inform you if you ever decide to get chickens do not get 'straight run' chicks, unless you intend on eating the roosters. Straight run means about half of them might be roosters. Each rooster needs at least 10 hens to keep him happy and not damage the hens by mating too often.

Say you get 5 chicks 'straight run'  this means 2-3 could be roosters which is way too many for the hens to handle. We didn't eat our roosters as they were treated at pets and had to give away 2 roosters, our two hens were getting brutalized. One of the hens died and now we have just one laying hen. The remaining rooster jumped out of the pen during the day and was likely killed by local dogs.

Yesterday Meg and I picked up some week old pullets(pullets means hens)! Three Welsummers, two Easter Eggers and a Cinnamon Queen. So cute and living in the guest bathroom.