Monday, April 07, 2014

Garden Walk April 06, lots blooming!

Folks, its likely the best time of the year for flowers in our garden. We are finally getting it to what we want. OK yeah right. Part of the joy of gardening in experimentation and exploration.

Anyway there is a lot of photos to share, let me begin..

  Creeping phlox.
  Creeping phlox and primrose together.
 Creeping phlox.
 Woodland phlox.

Muscari with an honey bee!
Pansies, we have lots of different pansies, this is just one of them. Survived an 8 degree night this past winter as you can see. Planted last fall.

 Daffodil 'Hawera'
 Daffodil ' Mt Hood'
Daffodil 'Actaea' Showy and tall makes a great cut flower!

 Daffodil 'Broadway Star' one of my favorites for sure.
Daffodil 'Sailboat' These produce a lot of flowers!
Daffodil 'Sir Winston Churchill'

 Daffodil 'Quail' at least I think it is Quail.

Daffodil 'Pipit'
Daffodil 'Sound'
Daffodil 'Delibe' drop dead gorgeous!
 Daffodil 'Pink Charms' never seen any pink on this.
Daffodil 'Silver Smiles'
Daffodil 'Falconet' Nice..

Snow Flakes!
 Penny's Pink hellebore. Wow wow!

 Bleeding Heart, this is our newest one Meg brought back from Wilmington! Nearly 3 foot tall.
 This is a tiny Wild Bleeding Heart. About 6 inches tall.
Bleeding Heart from the front garden.
 15+ year old primrose. The oldest in our garden. Has been known to shoot about 50 stems of blooms, slow to burst this year.
 We've had this primrose 3 years, man its crazy.
I split this primrose when we planted it, the other plant looks almost as good as this one.

 Blue primrose
 Red primrose
Purple primrose.
Native anemone "Windflower"in our garden.
Our newest camellia, Camellia X 'Tiny Princess'. Meg and I visited the Coker Arboretum in March of 2010 and saw this blooming with thousands of fallen flowers covering the ground. Anyway Camellia Forest had it and I brought it home, see my post from 2010 about it with photos at 


Phillip Oliver said...

All very beautiful!

tina said...

Ditto Phillip!

sweetbay said...

Tiny Princess reminds me of an apple blossom. You have so many different daffodils! Broadway Star really is a star.

sandy lawrence said...

Thanks for these gorgeous photos! The wonderful variety of daffs and bleeding hearts especially welcome to these eyes. Can't grow the pheasant's eye daffs here; too hot.

Larry said...

So neat Randy!! Lovely photos... I am concerned that I may have last all my primulas over what has been a extremely difficult winter... Larry

Rock rose said...

Your photos just shout SPRING! So many of your narcissi are like mine but they have different names.

RobinL said...

Wow, you have some real knockouts there. You're right, that daffodil Broadway Star is a real looker. My primroses never look anything like that, but then again, I only buy them at the grocery store. LOL I guess I should get some real primroses if I want them that beautiful.

Corner Gardener Sue said...

I enjoyed seeing your lovely assortment of blooms. You sure have quite the collection of daffodils! I can't remember the names of the few I have.

Thanks for identifying my anemone.

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