Thursday, November 18, 2010

Japanese Anemones the dirt on them.

I just yesterday received my Japanese Anemones from the Netherlands Bulbs Direct. I purchased 3 Anemone 'Jobert" and 3 Anemone 'Serenada Pink', these came as root starts, the Serenada Pink actually had 4 root starts and looked a lot better than the Jobert. I paid $20 for ther whole lot with free shipping direct from the Netherlands.

Last week I stopped at Southern States and purchased one gallon Anemone "September Charm" for $10 or $11. This plant is shown below.

See the white in the root ball? That is shoots of new plants must have been dozens of them inside the roots. I believe it was Di that said these are very aggressive, look at those monsters!
Here I pulled off the new shoots that want to become new plants. I planted them on either side of the big plant.
Above is the Anemone Jobert I paid $10 for.
Above is the Anemone Serenada Pink I paid $10 for

I guess when Meg says buy local I should listen to her more often. Usually I do. But I was thinking I was getting a good deal.

Look what opened today and just planted a few weeks ago Autumn Crocus, Crocus speciosus from the Terrace Shop at Duke Gardens. I planted 25 of these and it looks like we'll have 3 blooms tomorrow.


tina said...

Not a bad deal at all. My Japanese anemones were pass alongs but the darned drought about did them all in this year. They are tough but don't do well with tree roots as I have learned. You'll enjoy them so darned much. I simply love them. I had to go back to my friend's house and get more and just planted them today. She says they need sun but for some reason I keep thinking shade. Love them no matter-especially when they bloom. It's great you got so many starts with yours. Buy local...sometimes the things we want aren't always available when we want them so going outside of our area works best. I totally understand.

Carol said...

I mostly always buy local but have lost my Japanese Anemones . . . I am not sure what got them this time. I see gardens where they flourish but not here. What a treat to have a bloom of your Autumn Crocus so soon after planting. It must have been pretty happy to get buried in your soil. ;>)

Janet said...

Buy local if you can find it- absolutely! I don't have any anemones but think they are lovely.

Andrea said...

That crocus is really very very beautiful

Rob (ourfrenchgarden) said...

Anemones can spread if they're happy where they are. I'd sever the root piece above each potential new plant and put the plantlet (is that a word) on the surface of some compost in a pot, cover with grit and let it find it's feet (roots).

I've found Jap anemones the easiest thing to take root cuttings from and I'm no expert.

Honorine Jobert is a beautiful white anemone.

By the way, I think I'm suffering from Crocus envy. Next year I'm going to plant loads especially the saffron crocus which is all ther rage over here, that said, I'm unlikely to harvest the stamens for saffron, painstaking activity to say the least and I reckon I'd be better off getting a life, ha, ha.

MLight said...

I love the autumn crocus! I wish I'd been to the Terrace Shop earlier in the season. I saw them when I went there today, but I figured it was probably too late to plant them.

I started out with one Japanese Anemone plant when we first moved here twelve years ago. Now, I've spread them two two other flower beds, and they're wonderful late in the season.

Q said...

The autumn crocus is gorgeous....I have often thought I should grow some. Are they saffron crocus?
I try to buy local and to plant native until something as lovely as those crocuses romance me....
Have a very Happy Thanksgiving,

Jennifer@threedogsinagarden said...

Gosh I love that last picture. That blue is incredible and the crocus seems to glow in the sunlight!