Saturday, February 28, 2009

New Yard Art


In my last yard art posting I mentioned a sun that I picked up. This sun is made from a recycled disposable gas tank. Better than than the melting pot don't you think. It was made locally by Foster's Custom Steel in Mebane, NC.

Weather oh my, we are getting lots of rain right now. Tomorrow it is expected to snow perhaps up to an inch or snow by Monday morning and be 22 degrees. Is this our last bout with winter?

last night we left a window open so we could hear the frogs (Spring Peepers) calling, it was pretty loud outside :-). They called alright as we saw this morning we had 2 Red-shouldered Hawks, one perched on the willow right over the pond. Does anyone know what a Red-shouldered Hawk's favorite food is? That would be frogs.

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