Thursday, February 19, 2009

Garden Planting update Feb 19


This morning it was 26 degrees and it is expected to be the same tomorrow and Sunday I think. The seedlings in the garden are covered in straw and surviving thus far. The seven day forecast does not really show any growing days, but we are hopeful. Meg drew me a map of what is planted currently. This map is of the garden plot along our pond, the open areas are not planted yet. To give prospective on this plot, it is approximately 40 ft long x 10 ft wide.

The arugula, kale and meslin mix planted on 1/24 is up and looking good, see a photo on our first posting.

All of our seeds came from a seed company that grows all it's own seeds Territorial Seed, the onions we bought locally at the farm and garden supply in Durham. Can't wait for more 70 degree days.


gardenerprogress/Catherine said...

You're off to a great start. I haven't really started much in the vege department. I hope you get some warm weather too so your little seedlings can get to growing!

Anonymous said...

Wishing you warmer days for the seedlings. Thanks for sharing where you get your seeds. Hope you two enjoy the weekend.

Meems said...

Hi Randy,
Thank you so much for visiting my blog and leaving comments. It's taken me a few days to get over here but I'm glad I did. You are quite the handy guy to have around. Meg is very fortunate. LOVE, LOVE your pink adirondack that was supposed to be single.

Meg's plan is easy to follow. I'm wondering what kind of straw you use for the garden. And do you always use straw for mulch or is it just because you planted when the temps were still so low? I'm really new at vegetable gardening and always trying to learn how to do it better. I've been a little confused about what to mulch the veggies with. This year my plan was just to use flowering plants as ground cover. I'm incorporating the companion planting concept.

You've got me thinking I should have planted my next round of carrots already. If you can already be setting seed, I surely can. I've been a little timid about it the past month due to the two freezes we had.

Can't wait to see all your butterflies when your garden returns in spring. I photographed the spring azure when I was in N.C. last fall... it's a beauty!

Heather said...

Good morning! The map looks great but I was wondering what you used to draw it or is it scanned in? I tried to do this same thing on the computer but found I really need a different program. I can't believe you can already plant! I can at least live vicariously through others better weather;)

Randy Emmitt said...

Meems, We use plain old wheat straw to cover the garden. Straw besides helping to keep the moisture in, it also keeps the birds from plucking out the seedlings and eating them. With wheat straw you will get some rye grass sprouting, but it makes good compost.

Heather, Meg drew the drawing I copied it with the pencil tool in Photoshop using a mouse on my laptop. Not the easiest thing to do draw lines with a mouse. The points I used the line tool with arrows turned on. I used this method to create the interactive images on my butterfly CD book back in 2005.