Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Meet our cats


We have two inside-outside cats. Grumpy the one-eyed orange tabby male and Valentine the tiny 6 lb tuxedo female with a defective pancreas.

Grumpy came to our porch first, he was so badly injured his eye was gone and oozing, his upper fangs were broken off and he had ear mites so bad he could hardly hear. You might ask why the name Grumpy, well he was not very happy when I found him with all his ailments. I picked him on our deck and he scratched me real bad, so I called him Grumpy. Now days he's the most friendly happy cat you will ever meet. He was real mad at me when I took him to the vet to get fixed up, but once he was better he became the best cat ever.

Grumpy's favorite things to do are to wake me (Randy) and paw my chest as he gets his morning petting as he tells me it's time for breakfast. Roll in the dirt, we have a lot of it here since the huge addition was built. Walk around the pond with me and the dogs. Sleeping in the warmest place he can find. And lastly tending to Valentine his girlfriend.

He does chase all other cats that come around usually he comes back with a few nicks and scratches. Keeping away other strays is probably his most important job here.

Valentine here is her story! The night before we got Grumpy spayed he had a bad night and took me around the neighborhood looking for a female male in heat. While Grumpy was recovering from being spayed Valentine just showed up on Valentines Day, so we named her Valentine. She had her kittens (5) we were hoping they would be Grumpy's offspring, but all were tuxedo kittens.

We should have named her killer as she gets mice, birds and squirrels and seems to think it is a full time job keeping us mouse free. She is the sneaking one and she could be found ontop any wall or roof in the house as it was being built. She even jumbed down off 9 foot high walls when it suited her.

Valentine's pancreas does not digest her food, so we have to get her an pancreas enzime twice a day with her food or she would die....

As you can see from these photos the cats love each other.

The bottom photo was where they stayed and ate while we built the addition and lived at Meg's house.


Heather said...

Hi Randy and Meg! We had a cat that looked just like Grumpy, orange, one-eyed and all. He too was a rescue cat and loved us all the more for it. I love to have the pets around the place. Seems to make a home more like a home. The cement bench sounds great. I looked at your countertops and the table top. I love cement and yours was artwork. Definately something I will have to consider when I redo my kitchen. I enjoy the blog. I will keep looking for you guys to show up on blotanical. Can never read too many blogs.

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed reading about your two cats this morning. I have always loved cats and currently have two that keep life interesting. I hope you enjoy the day!
Your comment on my blog about "listening" for the different birds tickled me - that is what I do!

Monica the Garden Faerie said...

Purr purr, found cats are the best! James was a barn cat and Fiona was s stray.

Kylee said...

Awww! Grumpy looks like our Max. When he showed up here, I wasn't very happy. First of all, we already had enough cats, and secondly, Max was an orange tabby (with that same bullseye pattern) and I didn't like orange cats. (Don't ask me why...I don't know!)


Max is the most affectionate, loving, gently cat I've ever owned and I love him to pieces! I've since learned from others that this is the nature of orange tabbies and some people prefer them to other cats because of it. Now I understand!

I sure enjoyed hearing about your kitties!

Anonymous said...

This is too cute ^_^ We have two cats ourselves who love each other. Cato was a shelter cat and was a gift for me. While Wabbit a stunted female and my aunt's cat, Juliet cat and her tom Jasper. She had worms so me and my mom gave her worm killers in her food to see if maybe we are able to get rid of them before they stunted her but we couldn't do anything... As we lived our lives on we would sometimes lose Wabbit and I would get extremely worried worried. But she always came back. But only the second time her 'Days' out was much longer than one or two. When she came back she was skinnier than ever. After sometime she grew back to normal with a fat belly. My mom thought it was kittens or extra fat. So we fed her a bit more than Cato so if it was she would be able to produce more milk than the umberical cord will. After a few months or so, when I was spending the night with my aunt and uncle my mom was wanting to talk to me. Wabbit was in Labor!! I was really excited for her. But then worried of the more she will be in than regular sized she-cats would be and that she wouldn't live. When I came home instead of two or one,there were tiny four. three she-cats and a tom. the black one was Pepper,new home to my cousin. and the almost black one [tabby] was Shadow Moon.