Saturday, April 02, 2011

Timing is Everything!

Today I was cleaning up and going to the landfill convenience site to get rid of trash and do the recycling. First I went and picked up a yard of organic compost. After getting to compost I tinkered in the shady garden with the compost and planted some trillium and creeping phlox.  then I transplanted some baby hellebores and made a nice rich spot for them. The babies I used were all from our deepest red hellebore. So many babies and so little time.

Anyway so my getting to the convenience site was much later than I had planned. Once done with my chores I lingered by the bottle dumpsters and noticed a fresh new blue wine bottle. I went to get it and the guy that just dumped it said his wife was bringing more  blue bottles. They had been collecting the blue bottles for a year and decided they did not want them. So I left with 28 blue wine bottles all the same wine. I have them soaking right now so I can make them glow in the sunlight. Finding 28 blue bottles would perhaps take months of looking for them in the recycling dumpsters!

Here is a new daffodil for our garden 'Actaea'. I learned something planting them on the sunny side of the path was a bad choice as all the daffodils are pointing towards the sun and away from the path, duh!

Another daffodil pointing away from the path. At a loss to which one this is, it is new.

Here is a camellia called 'La Peppermint' from our garden. Most of the blooms were frost damaged, I had high hopes for it. Our Crimson Candles is almost done. Looks like we'll have to wait until next year for the camellias.
 At the house Meg used to live in, she now rents it, this camellia is kicking some butt. The bush is maybe 9 ft tall and 4-5 wide covered in blooms. The ground has maybe 40-50 blooms on it.

We bought two new rosemary plants today. The 12 year old one in the garden looked bad after the winter before last, now it is nearly dead.

Tomorrow I hope to post about the bottle wall. Today I wanted to mortar in some bottles but the winds were terribly strong and cement would have been nasty blowing in the wind. I have a lot of bottles ready and might even get Meg's expert help with it.


ann said...

Lucky find, the cache of blue bottles. Our daffodils are just beginning to poke through the soil. It has been so dry here with little moisture all winter. We turned on the irrigations pumps that we share with neighbors to begin watering. Your daffodils are lovely and so are the camellias, delicate tropicals here. Looking forward to more of your bottle wall.

meemsnyc said...

I love trying out new daffodil varieties. Yours are pretty. I bought a new Rosemary plant too. I just love it.

Patsi said...

Where on earth did you get your daffodils ? Mine are so dull compared to yours.
We just dug out our Camellia...we're border line 7a for this shrub...did'nt like it here after 3 years.

Looking at other posts and I can see you have a great selection of flowers. Of course parts of NC are known to have wonderful blooms this time of year.
This summer I may have some surprizes.

Chandramouli S said...

Love your babies.They're cute and bright!

Janet, The Queen of Seaford said...

What a great find at the recycling center! Good for you.
I was working in the garden yesterday and am rethinking the placement of my Camellias, they are in dappled shade. Was trying to protect them from the harsh SC summer sun. We shall see.

Lisa Blair said...

Oh my goodness, I would love to stumble upon a bunch of blue bottles for my bottletree. Awesome!

LKW said...

I severely pruned back a half-dead probably 9yr old rosemary this afternoon (I was tempted to dig it out), and I've had to replace a couple in the mountains this spring. Last year, I lost a couple of favorite prostrate ones. Oh, well, they're nicest when small, actually! The one next to my garden shed must be buffered by the foundation, as it's thriving (or it's a hardier cultivar).

Cool blue bottles and camellia photos...

Kim and Victoria said...

Those daffs are just lovely. And the camellias, gees!