Saturday, February 19, 2011

Watering in Winter!!!

For weeks now the weatherman has been reporting that we are in a severe drought. It is true we have 1/4 inch cracks in the soil right now. For the past two weeks I have watered the beds each weekend. I have never had to water in winter EVER!

The rock irises opened up yesterday in the 75 degree heat. It was just one yesterday, today it is three. I always have looked forward to these opening up. The yellow crocuses are nearly done can you believe that?

Daffodils and other crocuses are poking out, one daffodil has a bud so far. Most of the newly planted bulbs are not even poking out yest, except for a large crocus that we should be seeing in a week or so. I did find a daffodil bulb on the ground that did not get planted.

Here is a look at the greens in the cold frames.
 Curly Kale, eating all we can of this, it is yummy! This is maybe 1/6th of the beds.

 My favorite greens, mustard greens!! Your are looking at maybe 1/4th of the bed, I have another bed that will be ready when this is done.

Rape, maybe 1/4th of it the bed. Weird name yet the greens are very tasty and it thrives well here.

Looking at a flicker just above the suet feeders, not seen him on the suet, but suspect he is eating it. All the suet feeders were empty this morning. Going to get a trailer load of compost from the landfill today, might help a little with our on going droughts here.


Carol said...

Oh Dear! I hope you get rain soon Randy! Your little bulb flowers will go by so fast! I have known springs like this. Your greens do look very yummy! I am green with envy!

PlantPostings said...

Hi Randy: I, too, am envious of your salad fixings! Yum! Hope the rains come soon for you. I have some good news for you: I have selected you for the Stylish Blogger Award. You can learn more about it and the other award winners (and claim your award) on my blog. Have a great weekend!

Curbstone Valley Farm said...

We had a similar dry start to winter, with dry cracks in our soils. I'd be happy to send you some of our rain now though...we're up to 6.75 inches of rain with this new storm. I hope some of it heads your way. Great looking greens by way!

Janet said...

I had to water this week too. Sure wish we would get some rain.
Your veggies in the cold frame look very good. Enjoy!

Diana (Di) said...

Sorry about the lack of rain, Randy. If you can believe that we in the PNW have had only a few days of rain in a period of weeks.

Your greens are amazing; my kale is now quite 3 inches tall. lol

Oh my, I have a Cooper's Hawk spying the feeders... no wonder no birds are around this afternoon.

wiseacre said...

I got a taste of mid 50s yesterday - real tee shirt weather up here. I hope it rains on your party.

Cameron said...

Can you believe it? A winter drought after 90 days over 90 degrees last summer. Cacti, anyone?

Beyond My Garden said...

Irises blooming and dry beds in February. I have trouble relating to either this year.

Tatyana@MySecretGarden said...

I watered outdoor containers recently, their soil was so dry!
Can't believe you have all those healthy looking greens! Great job!

Heather at Dusty Bay said...

Wow, water? It looks great there, beautiful colour!