Friday, February 25, 2011

More Hellebore Additions and Wind

Today it started out windy and with gusts up to 40 mph. Later it was 72 degrees and nice. I had business at Chapel Hill City Hall, the hellebore beds in the woods by the parking lot were in full bloom. Nothing very exciting, whites, pinks and dark pink, still lovely to see. I noted 4-5 camellia bushes not been planted very long, looked like ours flower buds not so happy looking.

Yesterday I stopped at Southern States, they had another just unloaded 150 hellebores. I was wanting only one until I saw the Corsican Hellebore, I had seen Catherine's on her blog Gardener in Progress. The Corsican Hellebore (helleborus argutifolius) grows on stems up to 3 foot tall and it was $7 less than the HGC hellebores.
What can I say Helleborus Ericsmithii 'HGC Winter's Song'. This is a gallon pot, covered in blooms. You can see the seed pods forming on the upper left blooms. Can't get over the upright blooms on this one. So now I have three of the Hellebore Gold Collection (HGC)
Corsican Hellebore (helleborus argutifolius) Maybe it'll bloom next year. I have only seen this plant at Duke Gardens.
 Our first daffodil

Our sixth crocus to bloom this year  Crocus 'Pickwick'.
Now for the wind. Here is what I found when I got home this evening. The plastic is covering the garlic and onions.
Mustard greens on the left, Rape in the middle and mixed lettuce on the right.

In the morning I'm going canoeing in a cedar strip canoe on the Lumber River unless we do the Black River instead.


Michelle said...

Looking wonderful! I'm curious to see how my hellebores are doing. Heading back to MI early May. They are past their prime at that point but oh well.

I hope I feel better tomorrow. Im feverish and miserable right now. Oy!

Sarah Knight said...

Those are lovely : )

sweetbay said...

I remember the lovely Corsican hellebore on Catherine's blog.

I've been waiting for hellebores with flowers that don't droop. 'Winter's Song' is lovely.

Nell Jean said...

Ah, wind. And spring bulbs. And rain. It's all fun.

Janet said...

That wind knocked out our power for about 3 hours on Friday! Your Southern States sounds like a great place to get a good variety of plants. We had one in VA but their plant selection was limited.

Les said...

My first plant purchase of the year was one of those gold Hellebores, I love 'em.

ShySongbird said...

The Hellebores are stunning, really beautiful!

PlantPostings said...

I have a terrible case of Hellebore envy! And spring bulb envy! I can only dream with too much snow still sticking around.

Shady Gardener said...

It's looking wonderful over your way! And you have another Hellebore! Did someone make your canoe??

NellJean said...

I Believe you've been scraped by the blog everybody's been complaining about:

Is this your work?