Monday, January 17, 2011

Pine Siskin and Pine Warbler Revisited!

Today the suet feeders attracked a Pine Warbler. I grabbed the camera and took one photo before it left. But to my good fortune I saw a "House Finch" at close range in the cedar tree. I took three photos then realized after seeing more than just its face it was a Pine Siskin in my camera sights!

This is the second Pine Siskin here this season, very can be very rare most winters. If the seed crops they eat further north fail they head further south to us. Guessing all the snow that everyone has or had north of us has brought them here. Later I went out for over an hour and never saw another siskin. And I had been watching the feeders on and off all day from inside.

I saw a Brown Creeper three times today, the first time at the peanut suet feeder, so it is a NEW BIRD on our feeders! I did get one photo of it on the side of the oak tree, but it flew off mid click and all I got were wings. Would have made a great photo, guess I'll have to keep trying.
 My first shot of the Pine Siskin, looks like a deer in my headlights doesn't? Hard to make an ID on just this look.
 See that finch  beak on the Pine Siskin.
 Here the Pine Siskin on my very old feeder, you can see the yellow feather under the mid section of the wing.
Here the Pine Siskin was about to fly off, the yellow under its wings is displayed.
 Here the Pine Warbler is grabbing some take out peanut suet!
 First visitor to the new suet block. There is a peanut suet right under this one.
 My favorite photo of the Pine Warbler.
Pine Warbler on the side of the tree. They are also tree walkers.
 Just a lucky shot of an Carolina Chickadee about to take off.
Today we had some pretty hungry Tufted Titmouse, normally they stay clear when I'm out with the big camera. I had 4-5 of them coming in and out a lot.

It should be raining soon, most of out snow is gone and the pond is watery and the edges. The hellebore I posted photos of recently have grown maybe an inch in the stems.


Kim and Victoria said...

I love watching the birds on our feeders. They're so pretty and entertaining.
We're in a heat wave here; 55˚, it's crazy.

tina said...

Simply splendid photos! I'm surprised the siskins do not visit you. They are regulars here eating all my sunflower seeds from a tube feeder. The pine warbler is most pretty. Almost like a finch.

Ginny said...

Fantastic pictures of some beautiful birds!

Carol said...

I love the Pine Warbler Randy! Great shots of the Pine Siskins too and the Chickadee is fabulous! I know what you mean about lucky! It is a bit more than that . . . it is being there too. Adorable T. Titmouse. ;>)

Diana (Di) said...

Randy, those photos are fabulous! Beautiful Pine Siskin and both fluttering wing photos are pretty special!

Southern Lady said...

Great pictures as usual! Carla

Shady Gardener said...

What beautiful photos!! I'm sure you'll be posting a photo of your brown creeper before long. :-)

Brie said...

Love your photos - especially the chickadee in flight.

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Janet said...

Yours is the 'go to place' once again for these bird photos...My feeders seem to be visited only by Goldfinches...but maybe I need to look more closely. Love your photos. Did I tell you I got a very blurry picture of the Brown Creeper? Boy --talk about blending into the bark on the tree!

Kimberly said...

I love this post! So easy for me to ID the different types with your amazingly clear photos.

Gail said...

Winter birds are charming and you've captured them beautifully~I hope to someday see a warbler or two in my garden~gail

mysisterdalesgarden said...

Hi, I'm so glad I found your blog. I've been trying to identify this bird in my garden for the longest time. The books don't do it justice but your pictures do---it's a pine warbler. Thanks
I got some good photos of a Costas hummingbird if you'd like to take a look.

Darla said...

Waiting on the Warbler to grace my yard this year. Your photos are fantastic and you really should frame the Chickadee one. I posted a very sassy Titmouse, drop by and see if time allows.

Ginger said...

These photos are phenomenal! How big is the siskin compared to, say, a house finch? I keep seeing them on blogs next to all these birds that we have here (like chickadees) and wonder if I've seen them but mistaken them for something else.

Thanks for the baby well wishes and Happy New Year!

sweetbay said...

Randy I haven't seen Pine Siskins since we lived in PA, and they weren't even regular visitors there. I'm not surprised they're here this year, with as much snow as there has been in the East this winter! I love the call they make when they fly.

Adorable shot of the Titmouse!

Skeeter said...

I have all the birds you mention at our feeders except the White-Breasted Nuthatch. I have not seen the pine siskin in some time though. Your explanation may be enough to keep my mind from wondering why now. Thanks for the info… You have some great pictures of the birds and the wings open are the best!

Corner Gardener Sue said...

Awesome photos!

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