Thursday, January 20, 2011

Hellebore blooms and salad greens

Yesterday it reached 57 degrees and in the morning I noticed the Helleborus niger blooms were open, Oh and thanks Daisy you should know where the paths are when you go to the bathroom in the yard. It is muddy enough out there without Daisy's surprises everywhere.

Today I got off work early so with the balmy 50 degree temps I walked around the garden. I watched the ground a little more closely as I walked about.
Here is the Helleborus Niger blooms that have been covered five times in snow thus far. The stems are short but appear to be growing.
 I think this is some of the Snowdrops planted in the garden last fall. I found only 3 sprouts like this. This morning I looked for dwarf irises, did seen a thing, this afternoon I see 5 sprouts of dwarf irises!
Pansies sure look better than a week ago when covered in snow and ice.

 Here is a peek inside the hoop cold-frame, kale on the left and in the back, lettuce in the middle and on the right and featured below a lettuce mix that Meg planted seeds in November. Note that there is no path inside, we planted this not planning on building a cold-frame over it. Once these greens are done I plan on adding compost and making two rows with a path in the center. Can you see the peas?

 The other little cold frame. On the left my favorite mustard greens, then rape in the middle and in the back more lettuce that we have just started picking.
 Here is a batch of mustard greens picked today.
Same tub with kale on top of the mustard greens. Last night I picked about 2/3 the amount show here and we steamed it, oh my....... Looks like I might have to give my current customer some of this kale as it won't be long before we have more than we can eat.

In case your wondering the table is the bistro table I made with concrete and sea glass, it was a mock up of our kitchen counter tops.

Birds, more birds. The Brown Creeper I have seen it twice at the peanut suet feeder today in the past hour. I did get a photo, they do not like flash. The toenails are super long guess that is how they walk up trees so easily. Next post stay tuned.


Southern Lady said...

Your greens looks yummy! I wish my hellebores were blooming, but they don't even look ready. It has just been so cold here. Carla

madcobug said...

Love those flowers. Those greens look delicious. Helen

Carol said...

Randy, this entire post is making me green with envy! Lovely and Yummy! 57 degrees! Yes! I see the peas!

Janet said...

I have three big dogs...surprises everywhere. Your cold frame is wonderful, love how full it is. What a wonderful selection of greens to eat.
My Hellebores aren't blooming. I moved them when we moved down here, they were in too much sun. I wonder if I stunted them?
I will post my Brown Creeper picture, such that it is, tomorrow.

Darla said...

Don't grow Hellebores here...wrong zone probably.. I love all of the greens in the hoop house!! Bird watching is so interesting.

wiseacre said...

enjoy your greens, they look great.

Now how about a closer look at that table and some basic instructions :)

Town Mouse said...

That hoop house is quite impressive! And is it tight enough to keep the snails out?

Kim and Victoria said...

Those veggies look fantastic!
I was just telling Kim we need to get down and take a close look at our Hellebores, see if there is any action going on.

Corner Gardener Sue said...

I see spring is in full swing your way. I love it! I hope for some hellebore blooms in a few weeks, and maybe in February I'll be able to plant my "gamble" crop of lettuce and such.

Corner Gardener Sue said...

I forgot to say I love your table/counter top.

sweetbay said...

Your Hellebores and greens look fantastic.

karenandjeff said...

Very nice! It's good to see spring is beginning to arrive somewhere. We've still got a few feet of snow on the ground. Do your hellebores normally bloom this early?