Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Mystery daffodil and new camellias in bloom.

Today I worked on a house in Durham with a creek in the front and another along the side. Though I might have seen my first dragonfly there. Arrived home at 5pm and walked the dogs around the garden and a Eastern Tiger Swallowtail flew by us, my first swallowtail of the year!

First things first. I found this all white large flowering daffodil in the old front flower bed. I'm sure it was planted by previous owner. I'd never noticed this beautiful daffodil in our garden of 12 years... There looks to be a cluster of at least 6-8 bulbs from the leaves that are out, but this is the only flower. It was next to or under a large juniper I cut down 3 years ago, might have been shaded out of the roots of the juniper staved it out. Looked on Brent and Becky's and could not find it? Neil Jean or anyone else have a clue to the name of this beauty?
The previous owners also planted the above scilla. These are lovely and thanks to my excellent gardening skills they have sprouted up every year under a Saint John's Wort shrub I planted years ago. I took photos of these on Sunday that were no so great but I noticed the upper flower had at least 6 ants on it.

Here is a mystery pink camellia  japonica that I purchased last year at our local Tree Frog Nursery, 3 miles from here. It was a typical landscape camellia and I liked it, so I bought it. Also wanted to support a local small business too! Anyway I took this photo Monday morning and that evening when I got home the bloom was on the ground from all the wind we had. Still has maybe 6-8 more buds to show us!

 Camellia japonica 'La Peppermint'
Here is is the most expensive camellia japonica we have in our garden. It was expensive because we bought it at Camellia Forest in a 3 or 5 gallon pot.. This is our first bloom, 3 more are on the way. I'm not overly excited about this one, but the next bud looks more interesting.

This large red flowering camellia sneaked up on me. Not sure of the ID, I think we bought it at Tree Frog Nursery last year. The deer almost ate this plant, the flower just appeared. We have nothing like this one in the garden it impresses me with the old world rose look to it!

Leaving our garden and going next door. These blue flowers were in the neighbors yard, she did not know what they were. Her husband that passed away in 1990 had planted them in the yard. Over 20 years ago and no maintenance, yet they still survive! I think we need to get some of these any one know what they might be?

These hyacinths I planted last fall, seems I lost the bags they came in, not really sure which they are. No big aroma yet. The one above is my favorite, love the color. The pink one below might be Pink Pearl.

Tete a Tete
We planted a lot of these little daffodils, they were real cheap and really big bulbs for such a small daffodil.
February Gold
We planted these with Tete a Tete because they bloom at the same time. Tete a tete were a few days ahead of February Gold and when they opened. It was hard to tell they were different without looking closely.
Barrett Browning
When I saw these blooming I knew it would be a favorite. But what was it? Barrett Browning looked huge on the bulb package, does this photo look huge? The flower is so flat it wide angles easily making it look bigger than it is.

Little Gem
These are only 6 inches tall, some have two blooms on one stalk. I think I got the ID correct? Planted them with a lot of crocus, but the crocus are finished in that bed.

Jonquilla Baby Moon
These one inch blooms were almost open when I got home tonight. I watered them and just before dinner I noticed two of them had opened. So little and so cute!

You should be seeing some butterflies and dragonflies here before long, so stay tuned.


Bangchik said...

They really are in full control of their destiny, these daffodil. To wait such a long time, until come a time with tolerable surroundings, they click the gear to produce such gorgeous blooms. ~bangchik

Carol said...

Lovely spring blooms Randy! Your neighbors little blue looks like an anemone... very sweet... I have some growing behind my house and they multiply nicely. Looking forward to your butterflies and dragonflies! I hear the Monarchs are low this year. ;>(

John said...

Nice collection of 'found' flowers. The little purple/blue guy is Anemone blanda, also known as Grecian Windflower. I highly recommend the white form 'White Splendour'. They make nice little colonies and come back year after year.

sweet bay said...

I love all of your spring flowers Randy. They are beautiful.

Skeeter said...

Sorry cannot help you on the ID, I just call all Daffodils, Daffys or Buttercups! I am a simple gal, hee hee...

Saw our first Skipper this past weekend! It was sooooo on the move I could not tell anything more then a Skipper. I was happy to see him and soon the Hummingbirds will arrive as well. Spring and warm temps are popping here…

Michelle said...

Lovely blooms. I love the 'la peppermint' camellia and the mistery daff. Scilla is one of my faves but i still don't have any. Perhaps I will add some this year.

Darla said...

What fantastic color surrounds you...Daff--might be Ice Follies..

Susan said...

It looks like spring has arrived in your area...such beautiful blossoms. Camellias do well here in Florida, too and I'm sure they're a welcome site in your area. Love the blue color of your neighbor's plant. Happy spring!

madcobug said...

Love all those flowers. I have some flowers similar to the first one but they start out with a yellow center then turn white as the blossoms get older. I don't know the name of mine either. Helen

keewee said...

That first daffodil is lovely as are the others. I think I am going to grow more hyacinths because of their beauty and wonderful fragrance.

NellJean said...

The first pure white one, did it start out white? Ice Follies starts out with a yellow cup and fades to white. Could it be Stainless, also a large cup? Maybe it's a hybrid without a name.

Usually the cyclamineus with two blossoms on a stem is Tete a Tete (tea for two?) but Little Gem could have two blossoms if it wanted.

They're all beautiful. Baby Moon has not bloomed in my garden. It's been a wonderful daffodil year, hasn't it?

lkw said...

I'm thinking that John is right on target with Anemone blanda for your mystery blue flower. Quite nice.

And how exciting to see the first tiger swallowtail, too. I always look forward to the first spring ones...


Les said...

I love La Peppermint, it is one I have not seen. The Daffodils are also very nice.

Cameron said...

I think the cold winter was good for the daffodils and other plants who want a winter chill. There's so much color (driving around, not in my garden).

I like the peppermint camellia.

Today, I was out at Multiflora Greenhouses (outside Hillsborough on New Sharon Church Rd). They had more perennials this year. I came home with too much! I had a great chat with the owner. She's going to talk to her husband (the co-owner) about starting milkweed seeds next fall so that they have a supply of plants in the spring! She has my phone number, so if they crank up the milkweed production, I'll let everyone know.

Anna Flowergardengirl said...

Same here---took down some trees and discovered some Star of Bethlehem babies blooming. Your bloomers all look grand and hope our NC Spring continues to amaze us. I can't believe you had a butterfly--marvelous. My fennel never died over the winter--so I'm hoping for Monarchs on it.

Randy Emmitt said...


Spring is amazing isn't it. Some plants just sneak up on you!

I thought it was an anemone, just was not sure. The Monarchs will rebound they always do.

Thanks the ID of anemone is correct, will look into 'White Splendour'

I look forward to your woodland plox.

Bet you saw a duskywing skipper, soon they will be everywhere.

The La Peppermint looks to be opening a nicer bloom in the next day if not today, can't wait to see it.

I think Ice Follies might be correct.

Thanks for stopping in. Spring is just kicking into gear here.

I think Ice Follies is what they are, I did not know they turned all white.

hyacinths are heavenly when you catch the aroma. Hoping to catch it here many are blooming but none have knocked me down yet.

Neil Jean,
Ice Follies I think is it. Maybe Jetfire is the taller daff and Tete A Tete is what I thought was little Gem, I'll check further today.

It was about time to see a tiger swallowtail, but still a sweet surprise!

I have not seen La Peppermint anywhere either. We lost only one bloom to frost.

I'd not been to Multiflora Greenhouses in a long time, it is just down the road. I thought annuals were their main gig. Milkweeds in the wild will just do better this year because of less Monarchs and next year the Monarchs will have more to eat when they bounce back.

Watch that fennel is can go crazy in the garden. The butterflies on it are Black Swallowtails not Monarchs.

Anonymous said...

How fortunate to have all of these things greeting you, Randy, whether you planted them or they are surprises! Anemone blanda and Ice Follies, which opens with a yellow trumpet then fades to white with the tell tale frills and early bloom, but you already know that. I think Little Gem is right. Seeing butterflies already is so wonderful. May it be a fabulous year for the garden and its critters.

tina said...

Such color and love La Peppermint! That is one kind of camellia I don't have and am enjoying them from the NC blogs.

Entangled said...

Looks like I'm too late to ID your mystery plants, but I'll second Ice Follies and Anemone blanda. I only like Ice Follies before it turns white so I cut a lot for vases before that happens.

But I think you solved one of my mystery daffodils. It must be Barrett Browning or something very similar. Thanks!

I thought I saw some sort of duskywing yesterday at the edge of the woods. It didn't stay long.

NellJean said...

Unless they are growing in the same bed, Jet Fire and Tete a Tete are hard to distinguish. When Jet Fire first opens, it is yellow. as it ages, the cup turns orange and the petals are a little more reflexed than T/T. Jet Fire is only slightly larger. I keep my catalogs after the season to look at again and again. They all have drool stains.

Curbstone Valley Farm said...

A lovely collection of spring blooms. I'm quite captivated with 'La Peppermint' camellia, just because I've never seen a camellia with striped blossoms before!

Q said...

Your Spring gardens are just full of blooms. The camelli are gorgeous flowers.
warm temperatures have returend to my gardens so I hope to see butterflies and bees next week. I am very much looking forward to seeing Swallowtails again.
Spring migration is underway. I am planning a short road trip to see the Sandhill Cranes. There are over 400,000 in Nebraska right now. Hope to get some photographs.

Kim and Victoria said...

You know, your photos are just stunning!