Saturday, March 06, 2010

First Rock Iris bloom

Just opened up and was there!
Iris reticulata 'Harmony'

Snow drop from Meg's house.

Crocus from Meg's house
These hellebores are from Julia's garden, will have to get babies for ours!

These three double hellebore blooms are all from the same plant. I used the color enhancement on the G11 which made them very vivid don't you think?

Going to drop Meg off at pottery class then hit the Durham Farmer's Market and drop in on Duke Gardens to see the hellebores and camellias there. After that I'm picking up Meg and we are driving to Pine Knot Farm in Virginia they are having open house and specialize in hellebores.


ShySongbird said...

Beautiful photos again Randy, so lovely to see all the colourful Spring flowers. I just left a comment on your previous post too as this one hadn't shown up when I started looking through your blog.

Carol said...

Wow! It sounds like you are having a great day Randy! I would love to be in the Duke gardens. Hey maybe you will run into Meredith!! A farm that specializes in Hellebores... OK I confess to being very jealous... looking forward to some photos!! Speaking of which ... these are all stellar! The purple in the crocuses is amazing and I love the single Hellebores the best! Have a wonderful day... you have a busy one! ;>)

Anonymous said...

Dear Randy, I do hope that you enjoy your visit to Pine Knot Farm. At this time of year one can never have too many hellebores.

Shady Gardener said...

What beautiful flowers... Will you be digging some of these from Meg's? Your hellebores are outstanding, and whatever it was you did to the photos makes them quite "expressive!" ;-) Happy Spring Day! (Our snow has been slowly melting this past week - so Exciting!)

Southern Lady said...

What beautiful pictures. I especially love the hellebores. Sounds like ya'll have a great day ahead of you. Have fun.

Q said...

Gorgeous blooms! I have missed the blooms and the bugs. So happy Spring is awakening!
Sounds as if you are planning a very fun day!
Happy Spring,

Les said...

Pine Knot is the center of the Hellebore universe.

Town Mouse said...

Amazing! Is that Iris really as blue as it looks?

Randy Emmitt said...

Thanks for dropping in. More spring flowers on the way.

Yes we had a great day. Duke Gardens was loaded with camellia and a few hellebores. Pine Knot is unbelievable, the hellebores and crocus woW!

Pine knot had hellebores of all kinds everywhere! We bought 6 kinds.

Hope that snow melts soon. We did dig one of Meg's 7 year old hellebores it has close to 10 blooms on it.

Southern Lady,
Thanks! I'm kind of getting addicted to hellebores, the blooms changing as they get older fascinates me. Loved the crocuses on your blog!

Yes we had a fun day. Surely spring is just around the corner there.

I believe you have it right. If I had a lot of money the car would have been filled with all the cool plants they had today.

Town Mouse,
The new camera does not read blues and purples well as most cameras do not either. As best I can see that iris looks that blue.

Rothschild Orchid said...

Beautiful photographs :o)

Cameron said...

Those are great colors!

My son and I walked around Chapel Hill and the Coker Arboretum yesterday. I usually go to Duke when the native azaleas and the alliums are in bloom.

Did you know that Sara Foster is going to have a cooking class at her CH Foster's Market? I was talking to her about it last weekend. I am going to go by there and get more info and write about it. She now has 3 cookbooks, I think.

Sometimes I use the "foliage" setting on my Canon cameras when I review a photo and it looks under exposed. It balances the colors better with the light.

Andrea said...

These are soooooo beautiful, esp my favorite snowdrop. It looks like a very elegant light bulb. How did you do the photos on a tub with links to open. It was such a very interesting idea! I wish i can do that too. thanks.