Monday, November 23, 2009

Camellias White 10 Different Ones!

Yesterday Meg and I visited Sara P Duke Gardens a 55 acre sprawling garden inside of Durham, NC. If you have never visited your missing out. We walked around for 3+ hours and took photos of 37 different camellias in bloom of which 35 of those made fairly good to excellent photos. These camellias I would call November bloomers and I'm guessing there are at least another 60-80 different camellias not blooming yet.

We'll be going back in 3-4 weeks for another set of photos and be watching for the zillions of hellebores in the garden to start blooming as well. A big hug goes out to Meg for taking such good notes and being so patient with me.

Camellia japonica October Affair One thing about this one stunning and kind of stached in the garden, one has to look for this beauty.

Camellia sasanqua Setsugekka we found this plant in bloom in two different places in the garden. Huge white blooms likely my favorite white bloomer.

Camellia sasanqua Mine No Yuki Very showy and variable.

Camellia X Yoi Machi this one is a cross and has pink edges. Some resources I looked at called this an sasanqua.

Camellia japonica Elaine Lee
This was a good one too!

Camellia japonica Fairweather Favorite
Cold Tolerant how does this sound to you northerners!
Cold hardy to -26° C.

Camellia japonica Winter's Hope
This is a more cold tolerant camellia growing in zone 6-9

Camellia X Aston's Snow
Cold Tolerant how does this sound to you northerners!
Cold hardy to -26° C.

Camellia sasanqua Winter's Snowman
This one made a lovely display with lots of blooms.
Cold Tolerant to -23 C.

Camellia X 'Snow Flurry'
Another camellia being cold tolerant down to -23 C.

Stay tuned because I still have 15 different pink camellias and 10 deep pink camellias to post in the future! So far that is :)

These images are copyrighted by Randy Emmitt and shall not be used unless permission or a license is granted.


madcobug said...

All those are beautiful. My neighbor has two blooming now and one full of buds. Helen

Dave@The Home Garden said...

Very nice! I really need to plant some of those here in our garden. Tina has several that have done very well for her.

tina said...

Gosh they are beautiful! I'm glad you posted 'Snow flurry'. I just used it in a design I did in Nashville. It's an awesome double and I'd love to see it in person. Looking forward to the rest of the pictures. Kudos to Meg.

Phillip said...

Stunning photos and I know white camellias are not the easiest to photograph. I have "Snow Flurry" and "Mine No Yuki". I'd love to add "October Affair" - it is beautiful.

Janet said...

Beauties one and all Randy. Do you think my white one from the Learning Garden could be the Setsugekka? Mine had the more mature blooms turning a light pink. Your photos are lovely.

Janet said...

here is the link to my post with the white Camellia in question

Michelle said...

Beautiful flowers and amazing photographs. I love the more simple blossoms, the Setsugekka is my favorite also.

LynnS said...

Beautiful photos. I just love 'October Affair'. I'd especially love it in my garden!

Randy Emmitt said...

I'm sure someday after enjoying the neighbors camellias you'll get some yourself.

Easy to grow and make a good screen too.

Are you a designer?

I agree October Affair resembles an Austin Rose to me.

Yours looks like a Setsugekka to me or a close relative.

More photos coming soon the deep pinks are incredible!


October Affair the plant was also tall and well formed. We do not have any white camellias in our garden, yet.

sweet bay said...

Those white camellias are lovely.

Gail said...

They are so pretty! I can't wait to see the only one I have open in the early spring. gail

janie said...

Beautiful pictures. I am envious of your camellias. We just cannot grow them here. Sometimes you see a pretty one, but they are usually extremely ugly, and expensive to boot. So, when the person who purchases this plant which does not grow well here, realize show ugly it is, they can't bring themselves to chuck it. Too much money down the drain. I think it is one of those Catch 22 things. LOL

Anonymous said...

Hi Randy~~ Ooh la, la! A fabulous collection. C. s. 'Mine No Yuki' is my favorite. Is it true that sasanquas are fragrant? I'm looking forward to the PINKS!!

Anonymous said...

simply beautifully captured shots...lovely!

Town Mouse said...

I had no idea there were so many cultivars! I inherited a white japonica, and I just call it "the white fall-blooming Camelia". Now I feel kind of ignorant.

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful blog!!!
Love those Camellias, I grow a few of those. Your photography is beautiiful.

Mmm said...

Just found your blog as I'm desperately searching for vendors for the cold-hardy hybrid camellias. I'm especially looking for Winter's Moonlight and Ashton's Pink. Would you have any vendors you could point me to? Thanks!