Thursday, November 12, 2009

2+ days of rain

Getting pretty tired of the rain here. Not sure how much we have got but the pond has came up a foot! The canoe was well out of the water and now it is in the water. The pond was pretty low. The only time is 12 years here in paradise the pond overflowed its banks was during what was left of Hurricane Bob.

Good news is we have had no real damage here. One of Meg's wind chimes was destroyed by the wind and being fairly old to start with. The satellite TV has been out of service more than it has been in service. Meg thinks the old wasp nest covering up part of the satelite reciever might have something to do with it. I thought TV was supposed to get better in the digital age?

Things I have to do?
Put in the new light fixture in the dining room. Done
New van tires put on. Done
Plant 3 Camellias. Not today!
Plant a zillion spring bulbs. Not today
Install these two 12 foot bow shaped 4 x 6s that I got for half price for a new curved garden bed. Not today
Start digging footers for a gazebo next to a pond over the feeder creek. NOT TODAY.
Start a big deck and porch job in Chapel Hill. Not today.
Take out 6 yogurt tubs of compost. Someone get my jacket and waders.
Make Bran scones with golden raisins. OK there we go I have something to do.
Meg wants me to clean the house! We have 2 dogs and 2 cats, I clean it they make it a mess everytime they go outside and come back in. It is so bad out there I have to walk the dogs to get them to venture out enough to go the the bathroom.

Our Christmas cactus have started to bloom

Forgot to mention on Sunday I found two huge Chinese Praying Mantises on out house and deck, both females and not 6 foot apart. I have much better photo of mantises, note the long shadows, never seen them this late in the year.

I have been productive on another front. My other blog The Liberal Handyman which have been invisible for sometime is now brand new on Worldpress. Been tinkering with the features and learning Worldpress. See


LeSan said...

Randy your list frightens me. LOL I have one that is eerily similar. I keep it safely hidden out of sight. We don't want something like that getting leaked about.
Bran muffins sound good. :-)

Randy Emmitt said...


The bran scones are off the the list. Made them before dinner, yummy... I added jumbo red flame raisins along with the golden raisins.

sweet bay said...

The weather has been pretty miserable, hasn't it? We've gotten about 5" of rain here so far. The horses aren't crazy about it either.

Meredith said...

Please send me some scones -- I missed dinner! I hear ya on the rain and dog tracks -- I'm so tired of wiping dogs' muddy paws. Looking forward to seeing some great projects on your new handyman blog! I love the story behind the name.

P.S. Thanks for sharing your butterfly guide links with me -- all I can say is WOW.

Michelle said...

That's a lot of 'not todays' on that list! Perhaps you could send some of that rain out my way? I always laugh when I see the local water company starts advertising that it's time to turn off the irrigation timers - are they nuts, we've only had about 2 1/2 inches of rain this season so far (the season starts July 1).

Love that mantis shot!

Janet said...

Hi Randy, will be posting more later today, just got up early to check out this high tide. Wednesday our rain was 2.25 inches, yesterday was 5.5 inches and the rain continued overnight but haven't checked the gauge yet. Funny about your satellite tv.....our lost HD satellite, but regular was still on. Take care, going to be a full day.

tina said...

Glad you suffered no real damage in the storm. It has been all over the news. This has been a weird year with all the late goings on with insects and blooms.

P.S. Thank you SO much for identifying my iris! I had no idea and still can't find pics of this cool rhizome online. I love it and even more now that I know what it is. That is always helpful especially since I planted it on top of the ground instead of under ground. I need to fix that.

Dave said...

Quite a list! The satellite TV thing is very frustrating. Every time it rains we expect to be without TV. Most of the time it's OK and we can do other things.

Susan said...

I wish we would have gotten some of that rain here in central Florida. We had heavy cloud cover for 3 days and a misting here and there, but not one good shower.