Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Homemade Parade More Photos


More from the Hillsborough, NC Second Annual Homemade Parade. I heard that Paperhand Puppets held community workshops to prepare for the parade, likely sponsored by the town of Hillsborough and the Orange County Arts Council.

Miss Piggy?

Two heads are better than one...

The band after the parade playing the Saints Come Marching Home.

Drumming jam session after the parade.

Duel between the Preying Mantis and the big spider!!

So much enjoy these tall ladies. They are even taller than me.

One of the band playing during the parade.

The juggling clown every parades needs at least one. The pileated woodpecker in the back was carried by the local Museum's butterfly house director.

The frogs were calling and so cute.


sweet bay said...

My favorite is the Snowy Owl.

Janet said...

I am a bit confused about the Snowy Owl, I didn't see one. I love the Great Blue Heron at the end!! The fight between the spider and the praying manthis is great!
Thanks for the additional photos Randy. They should have you as their photographer, yours are a better depiction of the costumes than the ones on their site.

Janet said...

I found him! Thought it was a ghost...must have Halloween on my mind!

Kanak Hagjer said...

Oh, these photos are so fascinating! It's like nothing I've ever seen before...a joy, really. Thanks for posting these pics.

Wilma said...

Some very talented folks in that parade. Thanks for posting more of you photos.


Tatyana@MySecretGarden said...

Hi randy! Some costumes and masks are amazing!

Ali Iyoob said...

I like the Yellow-crowned Night-heron!

Wendy said...

What an awesome parade! Those costumes are amazing!