Saturday, October 17, 2009

Handmade Parade!

Today Hillsborough, NC had their second Handmade Parade. Last year we missed it and stopped in town only to see a couple of people carrying costumes. Meg had a hair appointment in Hillsborough and I grabbed her camera and waited for the parade.

Well the parade was more than I expected. If you get the chance in late summer be sure to check out the Paperhand Puppet Intervention this is their mission statement.

This gal IMO won the best costume award. She really rode that bird.

The Preying Mantis was pretty cool and you got to love the sun creature.

This Monarch kiddo was a milkweed with caterpillars and an adult Monarch butterfly. She surely had the best kids costume.

I didn't get this at first. The blue is our Eno River and all the creatures that live in it, very creative.

There were three of these girls dancing about, very fun to watch them play.

Team work and some kids homemade puppets.

Did I ever tell you we live in the land of Paperhand Puppets. I took 300 photos today and edited them down to 63, here are 10 of just the parade and not the party afterwords. Anyone want to see more?


Janet said...

What a remarkable parade! Handmade??? wow is all I can say. One costume is more intesting than the next. I can't believe you only had a couple last year and this is how much it expanded! Amazing. I would love to see more pictures.

Randy Emmitt said...


We stumbled into town after the parade hence we only saw a couple. Check out they give one awesome performance every year in Chapel Hill.

sweet bay said...

I agree with Janet, that is a remarkable parade! Obviously the makers of those costumes and floats are talented artists. I hadn't heard of this group before.

Janet said...

Thanks for the link Randy.. it is and what an incredible group of artists.

Kanak Hagjer said...

What a spectacular parade! Amazing to see all the costumes. I really can't pick a favourite here....what originality!

Randy Emmitt said...


We went to the Paperhand Intervention last year it was well worth the trip, we took a picnic dinner and really enjoyed it. Missed going to it this year the one night we had free they were doing it at the Raleigh Art Museum and we didn't want to go to Raliegh.

Wilma said...

Great handmade puppets! If you have more photos, I hope you will post them. Very, very cool.


Cheryl said...

What an incredible paper parade. I have never seen anything like that before. They are works of art.....and handmade, amazing. I would have missed that hair appointment.......

zelda said...

Well, the puppets are amazing, but 2 hours of peace and tranquility with someone pampering you is total bliss for a, the hair appointment was still worth it!!! ~Meg

Anonymous said...

Some of them are really remarkable and probably took the whole year to make. I'd be afraid to walk around on stilts in dry weather much less rain.

I didn't know there was an Artic Wooly Worm ;)..will check it out and thanks for telling me about it and leaving a comment on my blog.

Catherine@AGardenerinProgress said...

How creative! I love all the costumes. I'd love to see more!

Town Mouse said...

Incredible! Now that's what a parade should look like. Wish I'd been there.

Bonnie Story said...

Wow, fantastic event! I have to cruise your blog and find out more about your cool town. I love the big white barn owl in the parade. Great pictures - I think pics come out a little better in overcast conditions. Cheers! Bonnie

Shady Gardener said...

What a wonderful parade!!! I'd have loved to see this in person, but I'm so glad you took your camera and provided photos!! :-)

Q said...

Oh WOW!!!
I am putting this event on my "wish to go" list for 2010! Amazing....I think I see a road trip next year.
Yes, I would love to see all your photos...I often take 500 plus when on a safari...culling down takes awhile too.
Thank you for this!

Michelle said...

Wow, that is a really amazing parade, I wish I could have been there. I would love to see more photos also.

Jan said...

Great photos. It looks like everyone had a fun time. I know I would like to see more photos.

Always Growing

janie said...

Very interesting! I love to find local festivities like this as we travel around.

We are planning to attend the Renaissance Festival this coming weekend. We have never been, but figure we need to go once, at least.

Great post!

Kim and Victoria said...

I'm soooo impressed! Those masks/costumes are fantastic!

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