Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Beaver Queen Pagaent in Durham!

Here is some home town humor that was a benefit to save the wetlands surrounding Ellerbe Creek which runs through Durham. The theme is of course beaver, if you have beavers in your watershed you have a healthy water shed. Funds raised benefited the Ellerbe Creek Watershed Association. This was our second year going to the Beaver Queen Pageant and it was a hoot as you can tell from these videos.

If you click on the YouTube link you can view these full screen in HD.
Fur Pelton John last years winner of the Beaver Queen Pageant!

Furrah Gnawsett-Major this years Beaver Queen!

Bevo performing Slap it Good! I really liked these bucket head guys!
We voted for Bailar Beaver the Latina entry, she won best Talent. The gal in the red striped leggings is one of my customer, I did the glass block in her remodel 4 years ago. These girls can dance!
Bailar Beaver again, get a look at those colorful beaver tails..
Here is Down Under Beaver, she won Best Bribes. Bribing the judges is part of the fund raising.
During the talent competition Furrah Gnawsett-Major played a clarinet while hula hooping. She played the theme to Star Wars!
Marilyn Damho certainly had the biggest and best entourage with there Furlesque show. She won Miss Hygeniality.
Hang on Marilyn goes all the way during her furlesque dance. Oh my, cover the kids eyes..

This was Taco Belle, preforming All my Ex's live in Texas. She won Best Stage Presence.

Marilyn Damho talking about the love of beavers. Get a load of the guys carrying the banner for her!

And for a finish, given my camera battery went dead. Singing ESWA (to YMCA) everyone joins in.

If you liked these video clips, here are some even better clips another person did.


Karin / Southern Meadows said...

What a hoot! I was just in Durham last weekend. What a great city. I was impressed with all the daylilies that lined the interstate 85 as we drove through the state.

GardenCentre said...

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toko baju muslim murah said...

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Janet, The Queen of Seaford said...

We have beaver in our lake, much to the chagrin of tree owners. I remember this pageant from last year. What a hoot.

Kim and Victoria said...

That looks like so much fun!

tina said...

This looks like so much fun! You did a good job capturing all the highlights. Climbing the beaver tree was too funny! There is some real talent here too~!

Skeeter said...

I recall you posting on this even last year as well.... What a fun event and a good way to get a few laughs and enjoy being a Beaver....