Sunday, April 29, 2012

Scotts Bees and the Lindsey Hive Queen

Yesterday we installed Scott's bees, he is just starting out and I'm mentoring him. They have a really nice garden and a great location for bees, they should do well there. here is the video of Scott installing the bees.

After we installed Scott's bees we headed to my house to install a queen in the Hillsborough cut out hive.

I showed Scott the bees we cut out of Lindsey's house on Wednesday. Not much comb was drawn, yet enough to find eggs in the comb already. I was very pleased and Scott quickly located the queen, she is seen on the video below at the 16 second mark

We are still moving Meg's mom and step dad, and still no help from the rest of the family, yes we'll remember this. Moving and setting up after the move is exhausting work. Meg works 60+ hours as a teacher, isn't it teacher appreciation week? I'm working on a huge deck project at the bottom of a hill and the leg work is exhausting. In a day and a half two of us took down a 12' x 28' deck that was 14 ft in the air. The deck topping was redwood 5/4 x 6s , I plan on planing some of it and using it for building bee wooden ware. here on the east coast redwood is very expensive. Also a buddy of mine is taking some of the redwood as well.

Eating lots of peas from the garden, no time or energy to do any weeding or planting. I have 12 tomato plants that need to be planted.


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Sam Smith said...

oo "drools" I have a nice planer I'm using to build my hives, had a lot of fun the other day making wood shavings :)
5/4" being 1 1/4? thats nice stuff, I pick out 1-1/8 to 1/4 for milling to 1" for my warre boxs, I'm only milling one side and leaving the inside rough to make a more natural hive space for the bees.

tina said...

Cool on the videos. So many bees!!! Good job on ripping out the deck. Hats off to all the hardworking teachers out there and even more kudos to come home and work in the garden. It's making me tired just thinking about it all!

Q said...

You both are hard working the bees! Love the videos...bees are the best!
Redwood is beautiful wood...I need to get my tomatoes in the ground too.
Hope you can take a minute to watch the butterflies....

Skeeter said...

I wonder why you have no energy for weed pulling? Ha, you are one very busy bee keeper! My brother and his wife are both Special Needs teachers and I cannot admire them enough for the long hours and hard work they put into teaching. So thanks to Meg for her teaching the next generation....

Curbstone Valley Farm said...

We're having the same trouble this spring, between bee management, and an endless list of projects, it's difficult to find time for weeds! I hope you can find a little time for yourselves soon. I'm sorry the family isn't very forthcoming with help :(

Garden centre Merseyside said...

Thanks for your appreciation! I feel very strongly about the plight of our native bees and hope that this blog will help people identify them and want to help save them by growing nectar-rich plants in their gardens.