Sunday, March 18, 2012

New Hellebores & Primroses

I missed March bloom day, enjoy these flowers from our garden.

 I found this native anemone "Windflower" growing wild in the hellebore and camellia garden yesterday. There are lots of these growing wild in the garden.
 My first baby hellebore bloom. Not sure where where it was collected, planted in the spring of 2010. I think it is a real beauty! There are 25 or so other hellebore babies not bloomed yet in the garden from 2010.
 This dark red hellebore, it's first bloom in the garden. Was supposed to be a double, with only one bloom it still might be a double.
 Picked this double white hellebore up last spring at Pine Knot Farm, it was one of those un bloomed mysteries like the dark red above as well.
 Primroses planted in the garden a few years ago. Guess they might stay a while, had to over summer primroses here.
 Both these primroses were from cross breeding from Camellia Forest.

 This primrose is a real winner, wow!! Those are 2 inch blooms very large for a primrose.
These R. L. Wheeler Camellia japonica blooms fell off in a gentle rain last night. Just had to bring them in the enjoy inside the house.


Kitty said...

They are all just gorgeous.

Janet, The Queen of Seaford said...

I can't imagine how many Hellebores you all have. I am still at 8. Maybe one day they will procreate.
Just beautiful blooms!

Indie said...

Pretty windflowers! I planted some windflower bulbs once, but I think the squirrels ate them all sadly.

The hellebores are gorgeous. I really want to make it up to Pine Knot Farm sometime!

Janet, The Queen of Seaford said...

May take you up on that offer!! Going solo up to VA to Seaford then on up to NoVA for bridal shower. Of course will travel up 85 to Richmond.

My gardenias that do really well have good drainage (which means they are on a slope in my clay yard) and get plenty of water. Frostproof seems to do well in our climes.

Larry said...

Some beautiful blooms on all counts Randy! Thanks for sharing... I really enjoy seeing your hellebores especially! Larry

Pearl@serenitycove said...

Just beautiful...Especially love Hellebores.

sweetbay said...

I envy you those windflowers (Isopyrum?), so lovely!

LKW said...

Hasn't it been a remarkable spring? Lots of overlaps of flowering, but enjoyable, nevertheless.


Skeeter said...

Your Helles are so pretty! I only have 2 but they are blooming really well. They seem to get stronger each year. Amazing since I almost lost the one that first year with me.

Your Bee Nuks are very interesting. You did a great job of making it and should sell the things! I think you would do well...

I am seeing butterflies all over the yard now. Yellow Tiger and the Dark one were putting on a dance for me.

Yikes on your Rat Snake. I saw one yesterday as well but not in the House! Although, we suspect one living under our crawl space. We think we may have trapped it when we installed new vents. It is surviving off lizards, frogs and what ever else can get into the brick vents of the crawl space. I fear opening the door one day and seeing a huge snake looking at me! Yikes...

Les said...

I always considered most primroses as long lasting cut flowers, similar to poinsettias. I may have to try some.