Sunday, November 06, 2011

GMO food labeling

Most of you already know Meg and I like fresh local organic food. This is why we grow our own veggies. Here is a speech by Vandana Shiva you might be interested in.

My back is better now, thanks to those who have asked about it.

I visited Occupy Chapel Hill yesterday, not much going on, no police presence what so ever. Here is an interview on Charlie Rose that helps explain the Occupy movement. Did talk with a few folks and gave a jobless guy a ride home and bought him some food for his family. My new friend is starting a job on Monday..

The garden is covering with leaves, the acorns have slowed down. The cold frames are doing great, we'll be eating greens in a few weeks I'm sure. Today I'm spreading mulch in the shade garden trail. Both the new camellias are blooming nicely and a few cyclamen are still blooming

The bees I saw some pollen coming in today, the temps are barely warm enough for them to be flying! I opened the top to the hive it was pretty quiet, two of the super frames still have capped honey. I peeped down through the frames and saw many bees  in the second brood box. I did not want to disturb them.


Sinbad and I on the Loose said...

Interesting. I went to Occupy Santa Rosa yesterday and there was a LOT going on. My post for tomorrow, monday, will tell about it. That was really nice of you helping the jobless guy out. My post for yesterday was about National Bank Transfer Day. Hopefully many people across the country took part.

Cameron said...

Didn't go to the OCCUPY CH, but trying to support our local food trucks.

We already use the SE Credit Union--got tired of the banks many years ago. Love our SECU.

Good for you for helping that guy.

Kim and Victoria said...

We finally have an Occupy encampment here in Boise. The GMO movement is getting going here also.
Glad you're feeling better.

Curbstone Valley Farm said...

We've been flirting with freezing temps the last few days, and our bees are pretty quiet too. Except one hive, when I opened the top to add more fondant the other day...they sounded like they were grumbling 'shut that door!' ;)

Carol said...

Thanks so for sharing this Randy! Fascinating discussion on CR. Amy Goodman is one of my heroines. If only everyone would pay attention and do their small part, we could change this insanity. You and Meg are an inspiration in how to become sustainable while being engaged citizens.