Saturday, June 11, 2011

Potato blossoms

Well today was the 16th day this year of temps over 90 degrees, only 94 today. Luckily a storm system is here wetting everything down currently. Last night we got a scrap of rain, others nearby got up to 3 inches!

I have located two people on Craigslist with 275 gal containers for rain barrels, the best one is food grade, but 2+ hours away. The other maybe 1 1/2 hours away, these contained soap. Yet for $50 or $80 these are a steal. Believe we have a new rule here, when the handyman trailer goes to the dump, it brings back a yard of compost ($28), so the trailer is full of compost as I took a ton of building waste to the dump yesterday. The trailer would have to be unloaded before we go and get the 275 gallon containers.
Potato blooms from our garden today. The labyrinth of potatoes is so full of foliage the labyrinth is not noticeable any more.
Our first ever eggplant, well for me anyway.
Salvia guaranitica ‘Black & Blue’ it does not grow well where we plant it, so it moves to where it likes to grow?
Here is one of the Cosmic Purple carrots we planted on February 20th this year.
 The purple is a thin outer layer inside they are orange like any other carrot.

Oh and I also posted on my other blog The Liberal Handyman Blog today with photos of my most recent porch project. I've neglected the blog for over a year and a half.


Beyond My Garden said...

Wow! beautiful carrot blossoms. I want my own now.

Janet, The Queen of Seaford said...

Love your carrot!! When the girls were little we tried carrots in Seaford....minimal success.
Love the blooms on your taters...very pretty.
Well, tonight Skyler is in the laundry room....only because I wouldn't let him stay in the garage in the mop sink. The old one, Monroe, is pacing --has been since about 7 PM. So far, no rain, just a light show. Aw, summer thunderstorms. Hope Daisy is not leaving presents tonight!

Alison said...

Wow! You have potato blossoms already! Mine are barely growing yet.

p3chandan said...

The purple potato blooms looked so much like my eggplant blooms. Tried planting potatoes here but after a few green sprouts...they just fizzles with our heavy downpour!

tina said...

Beautiful eggplant and carrot. It's been so hot here my potatoes never bloomed and are now dying back. I have harvested the red ones now must go dig the Yukons. They came out nice despite no blooms. Stay cool.

sweetbay said...

Hopefully you got some rain last night ~ we did, and a heck of a lot of lightening too. Looking forward to a cooler week this week!..

~Holly~ said...

What great things are going on in your garden! I love the cosmic purple carrots!! Fabulous colors!

Corner Gardener Sue said...

We had some very hot days, and are now getting cooler days. I hope you do, too.

Those are lovely potato blooms. I didn't get any planted this year. I bought some, and got them cut up, planning on putting them in tubs, but the weather didn't cooperate. They ended up on the compost pile.

I didn't get any eggplant in, either. I do have some carrots, though, and have eaten some teeny ones that I pulled to make room for the others.

The 3 waterfalls at the garden tour were all connected. I don't think there was a creek there. I didn't know horse manure could have bad things in it. What they have is well rotted, they said. Does that make a difference?

Andrea said...

I also thought your first photo is eggplant, but of course potatoes and eggplant have almost same flowers they are both Solanum. We only grow potatoes here in the highlands, we only have 2 areas like that and most lowlanders dont see potato plants. That salvia is also beautiful.

Karen said...

You've had some really hot weather. Hope it breaks for you soon, and with no violent storms, either.

Your potato blooms are fantastic. I gave up growing potatoes because of the wet year we had last year and because every square inch of them is covered in potato bugs. Do you have problems with the pests?

So far all we have planted is tomatoes...we're very far behind this year.

Off to check out your other blog.

eileeninmd said...

Beautiful veggies. I love eggplant. Your potato blossoms are pretty. I assume you do not have any critters in your yard.

Kim and Victoria said...

Lucky you, your black and blue salvia is a perennial, huh? We covet them here. I might try to overwinter mine in the garage this year.