Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Night Blooming Cereus Opened on Sunday

Back in 2007 Sharna's Night Blooming Cereus, Epiphyllum oxypetalum that she had bought in a tiny pot with a Avacado trees for 10 cents at a yard sale 10 years previously finally bloomed. These are the photos I took back in 2007. Sharna missed sheing the bloom as she was out roving as a biologist, then it bloomed in again 2008 she missed again!

Since 2008 we moved to "Paradise" and the plant came with us. It stayed in our living room during the winter at Meg's old place it was in the sun room. Anyway on Sunday night it bloomed for the first time at "Paradise". Now we have 3 plants as Meg rescued two plants in the hallway of her school.

Close up using a tripod and my Canon 20D with the 180mm macro lens and 550EX speed light.

This flower is 7-8 inches across it makes a water lily look small. The aroma knocks one down from 10 foot it is very fragrant. It 2008 we had 2 blooms one night the fragrance was double, could you imagine what 20 flowers would be like?

The flowers last only one night a year that is all.


Janet said...

Great macro shots!!! Makes me sad when they are just about done...another bloom is gone.

sweet bay said...

What intricately beautiful blooms. They look worth the wait.

Dave said...

Very neat blooms! To only have the blooms for one night would make it hard to miss.

Tatyana@MySecretGarden said...

If not you Randy, I'd never see it! Thanks!

Nell Jean said...

The fragrance is the best part, makes up for the awkward plants. Great pictures.

These plants grow on you, literally. First one, then 2, they get big, pieces break, you feel compelled to root them....

Chandramouli S said...

What a great plant to have in one's garden. It looks gorgeous and am sure a water-lily would close itself up on seeing this.

Sue said...

I enjoy it when people post those blooms. What a fun, fancy bloom!

Kelly said...

Wow...what patience you and your wife have. An amazing flower, blooming only one night a year!! Makes me think of the scene in the "Dennis the Menace" movie when Mr. Wilson misses his night-blooming flower--saw it years ago with my son when he was small. :-)

tina said...

It's beautiful. I've never seen it before Janet posted on it and now you. It must be something really special.

WiseAcre said...

Cool pics of flowers not seen everyday. Glad you caught them in bloom. I guess the overwhelming fragrance is a lure that works better than sight to attract pollinators in the dark.

Q said...

I have read about these amazing plants. Seeing the bloom is even more amazing. Your photographs are beautiful. A very difficult shot to get too.....wonderful work on your part.If I only had more room in my little house I would try many exoctic it is I can only imagine. Thank you for helping my imagination. I hope Meg was able to catch a wiff and a gaze this time.

Kanak Hagjer said...

I've never heard about this flower. It's worth waiting a year for it! The fragrance must be amazing!

Anonymous said...

Hi Randy~~ I too am unfamiliar with this plant and its gorgeous flower, a tropical I presume. What a joy it must be to see and smell such fabulous blossoms. The fact that they're ephemeral makes the one day they're here very special, doesn't it? Too bad Meg had to miss it. But you've taken some awesome photos--the next best thing.

Autumn Belle said...

I'm glad I came accross your post today. My dad had this plant when I was little. It was his favourite. Dad would get very excited each time a bud forms and he will never miss it when the flower opens. Actually this flower is very beautiful and fragrant. The wait is worth it no matter how brief the moment the flower opens. I have been trying to find this plant for quite some time but still not successful yet.

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