Sunday, April 19, 2009

Mallards and Poppies

Spring is progressing here in North Carolina! We have been getting a number of spring birds here including Blue-gray Gnatcatchers everywhere and Red-eyed Vireos calling most of the day. The biggest news is 2 sightings of Ospreys flying over head, one close in seen from our screened porch. And as you see below a pair of Mallards have been dabbling at the pond several hours a day. Yesterday we had 3 yards of mulch delivered and we got a good look at them flying off. Good to see them flying as that probably assures us they are not ducks from the pond next door.

Here is our first Clematis bloom Dr Ruppel, found on Friday. We planted this one three years ago, finally it is taking off, two more blooms in a few days are expected. The other clematis next to it planted at the same time looks to be blooming with maybe thirdy blooms in a few days as well. My 10 year old Clematis Henrii will have 50 or more blooms by weeks end too!

We planted this Oriental Poppy a few weeks ago and here is the first bllom!

Yesterday we planted two more Camelias, Greensboro Red and Debutante (pink) and 3 large blooming azaleas. Also some Mexican Sunflowers and yellow Coneflower purchased at the Hillsborough Farmers Market.

Last night Grumpy our one-eyed, asmatic, upper fangless and nuetered orange tabby got into his second Saturday night fight in two weeks. We might be dropping him off at the vet tomorrow if he doesn't perk up by the morning. Last week we dug a cat claw out of the back of his head.


Heather said...

Hi Randy- I love clematis but I just kill it here. Some folks have no problem with it but i can't grow it to save my life. The mallard is beautiful, we have a nesting pair on the pond right now, and another with a crazy hairdo. I sure hope Grumpy is feeling better soon!

Hocking Hills Gardener said...

The mallard is so pretty. Your new poppy is beautiful. I only wish they would bloom longer.I love the color of the clematis.

Chandramouli S said...

First blooms are always especial, aren't they, Randy? Great shots. I've never seen a mallard before - that looks awesome! At first I thought they were ducks - well, I'm dull enough to differentiate between them. :P

Randy Emmitt said...


Grumpy seems better but has not eaten. He usually has fits over not getting fed.

Mallards are indeed ducks. The Mallard Duck is a very strong flier and is considered to be the most worldwide dispersed bird on the planet. Surprised you have never seen one.

tina said...

Your poor kitty! I would take him in first thing in the morning. Mine recently got into a fight and had two big puncture wounds on her head that got infected. Antibiotic have hopefully made it better. The mallard and poppy are outstanding pictures. Spring is grand this year!

WiseAcre said...

Enjoy the clematis. I'll have to wait for mine. Daffodils are now the thing around here. (Spring Beauty and Hepatica in the woods)

gardenerprogress/Catherine said...

It does sound like spring is in full swing there! Great shot of the mallard. Your clematis is very pretty. I just planed 'Henryi' a couple of days ago, good to hear it gets so many blooms!
Hope your cat will be okay!

sweet bay said...

I grew up on a lake with about 50 resident mallards and a few Canada geese. They were a lot of fun. One smart female used to get on the trash can and look in the kitchen window.

I love Clematis but haven't tried any yet. For some reason I'm convinced they'll die. lol I love seeing pictures of other people's Clematis though.

ryan said...

Clematis are great. The one I planted at my mom's just opened. The look so dead when they are dormant, and so good when they are blooming.

Shady Gardener said...

Ohmygoodness. Your photos take my breath away! Especially your wildlife ones. The duck is spectacular. I need to show "Mr. Shady." ;-)

Jan (Thanks For 2 Day) said...

Wow, your poor cat!! The idea of a cat claw in his head doesn't sound good at all! Hope he's ok!
Everything sounds wonderful in your garden and yard and porch and water, etc!! Having a mallard to look at from your porch sounds lovely. Your clematis is like mine, but mine isn't blooming yet
;-) Happy Spring;-) Jan

Kanak Hagjer said...

Randy, I've got a lot of catching up to do here. As usual, I'm gaping at your stunning photos. Breath-taking! The mallard and the blooms.

Just Jenn said...

Randy your photo of the Mallard is striking!

Aren't Clematis beautiful? I used to have one the last place I lived. I tried to grow one here but promptly killed it. =( (I don't think the roots were shaded enough) I may try again someday. Yours are lovely.

Sorry about Grumpy. Hope he heals up quickly.