Thursday, March 05, 2009

Security Lights? Green We think Not!

This evening Meg and I both got home after dark. Sad to have arrived home and not able to see the progress in the garden. The Spring Peepers (frogs) were calling like crazy and Meg was out in the garden taking in the evening and the frog concert. I noticed that when standing the frogs were nearly deafening and seated the sound was slightly less due to the slope of the pond.

Any there we were in the dark and our neighbors security light was blaring us in the eyes. Our road is private and very safe, there in no need for these d@#m lights. Another neighbor's security light shines in our master bathroom all night, there are no curtains as they are several hundred yards from us.

When we drive around at night there are always so many houses with security lights and accent lights that show off the property, let alone the many businesses and factories with blaring lights everywhere. This is a great waste of energy and just not needed unless one is out in the yard or conducting business. My hopes with all this talk about greening up and the terrible economy maybe just a few of you might just call the power company to come and take down your lights or set up some type of timer/time clock system on the lighting.

We had one of those security lights here when I bought the place 11 years ago. Maybe a month after moving in I called the power company and had them take it down.


tina said...

I have to say I LOVE my security light. It is right over my garage and lights up that very important area for us. It does not shine in anyone's eyes and I believe my neighbors also like it. Yes, it is a big waste of electricity, but makes me feel so safe. As someone who spent some time overseas in a country with NO electricity, I tell you I surround myself with lights now. So comforting to me. Sorry. Still blogging friends?:)

Randy Emmitt said...


Absolutely we are still friends! Just some of us cherish the darkness and others do not. My aunt had a security light her house was close to the road and cars came by fairly often, so she felt safe with it being on. Here we are on 4 acres on a private road, never get unwanted visitors.

Give me a pen light to go outside with :)

tina said...

I know, I was just teasing. I totally understand!

Anonymous said...

oppps! I'm guilty too. I leave a light on cause I'm scared to death. We live in a new home and it was broken in to while we were sleeping. We have lots of security now!

I don't know if I told you before---but love that you are from too.

Just Jenn said...

They're great when they're on a motion sensor... or timer at least. Otherwise, I agree.

Susan said...

I agree with you. My neighbor has mega-lights, including Christmas tree lights on potted patio plants, front yard plants, and an old kid's fort that come on everynight with timers, and remain on 'til morning 12 MONTHS OUT OF THE YEAR. I like lights, but I can't imagine how much they must add to the electric bill.

Janet said...

My lights are on motion sensors as well. They stay on for about 3 minutes. I like it to get into the house after dark. After the hurricane we had no power for lights, and it was pretty darn dark, a pen light didn't seem to do the trick. I do appreciate the awareness of light pollution. The Stars at Night, Are Big and Bright, Deep in the Heart of Texas....but not in suburbia Virgina....

Rob (ourfrenchgarden) said...

Hi Randy

Perhaps there needs to be a bit of directional tweaking with these lights.

On a light pollution note, I previously lived on the very outskirts of London and had little idea of how much light pollution there was until I moved here.

Now I can see the milky way and the same stars in Texas as mentioned by Janet above.


Tatyana said...

Randy, I agree with you! I understand that in some areas people need them for security purposes, but very often it's an overkill. I use them only at night when I need to accompany my dogs to the bushes. I also agree with you withregard to businesses. Those lights could be cut in half with no harm.

Cameron (Defining Your Home) said...

It's dark out here where I live. Even though there are 21 lots (acreage, mostly 4+ each), we have a very strict light ordinance in our covenants. Nothing over 75 watts and it can't point at a neighbor (although we can't even see each other anyway).

We can see the stars so well in our front meadow. In fact, before we built our house, the UNC Astronomy department used to come to our meadow for star-gazing. It can still be done.

Our path lights are solar and very subdued, down facing.

There's nothing better than walking out into our cottage garden on a full moon. The stream sparkles and it's like daylight.


ChrisC and JonJ said...

We use LED lights around our pool.And solar lighting around our garden(sometimes I wish those lites would stay on a bit longer,but Al Gore loves me anyways...).We do have stronger lighting in the front by our driveway,just so we can see where the He// we are,but that's it.
Couldn't you talk to your neighbors about repositioning their lites?

Jan (Thanks For 2 Day) said...

We have a security light on a timer in our back yard. I have to say that when it goes on, I get a little edgy, especially when I'm home alone!! It's a deterrant, I think. We also leave our front porch light on all night, it's one of the newer low-wattage, long-lasting bulbs and doesn't create a problem for anyone else. I'm not a violent person but perhaps a b-b gun might come in handy for you?!!! Really, I'm kidding-he he.

Randy Emmitt said...


Oh my and I feel like I have nothing to complain about compared to your neighbors.

Rob, Chris and Jon,

The security lights around here are like street lights and they send out light in all directions


I have a friend that works will lasers he has been known to zap street lights with light and shut them down for maybe 20 mins before they come back on.

Tatyana said...
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Kim and Victoria said...

I couldn't agree more. Here in our subdivision people are always leaving their backporch lights on, and for what??? We've planted our trees to shade us from neighbors lights. It's amazing to me how much waste goes on.

inadvertent farmer said...

Lights around annoy me at night but I completely understand why people have them. My mom is a widow and leaves all her outside lights on as well as a big arse security light out back (that hubby installed) It makes her feel so much safer when she has to take her dog out at night.

I on the other hand much prefer the night not to to have so much light pollution.

I need to get myself a few hundred acres and plop myself right in the middle of it!!! Kim

CiNdEe said...

We are guilty too. I have a light on in the driveway. Its pitch black out here at night and we have no neighbors to offend(-:
We also have a spot light on the American Flag that hangs 24/7. The spot light is on a timer and it is an energy saving spot light(-: Neither light ruins the view of the stars(-:
CiNdEeS' GaRdEn