Sunday, February 10, 2013

JC Raulston Arboretum's hellebores!

Last year we visited the arboretum a little earlier in the season, saw nothing this exciting! So the winter garden is at peak and wow! Here are some of the photos I took and many we want in our garden.

 A large pink single from Ashwood Gardens.
 A species hellebore Helleborus torquatus. We need this is our garden!
 Another species hellebore Helleborus odorus. New to me, tall and knocked over.
 Love this one. It was marked as an Ashwood Gardens hybrid. Look at the difference in an older bloom next to it.
 Here is a pink semi double show stopper. Wow I want this in our garden!
 A new species hellebore for me: Helleborus Atrorubens
 A new species hellebore for me: Helleborus Atrorubens
 Here is a double called 'Snow Queen'
 Funny name 'Cattleya Semline' I like the way this picotee's petals fan out.
 This yellow picotee was next to Golden Sunrise, it was Meg's favorite!
 'Golden Sunrise' very nice I want this one for our garden!
 This one was tagged Yellow lenten rose.
 Peppermint Ice, we also have this beautiful hellebore in our garden.
 Had to be my favorite in the garden wow!
This huge deep red hellebore was very upright and has red stems, wow!

This might be the best collection of hellebores I have seen in NC mainly because of all the species hellebores. Pine Knot Farms in Virginia is much more exciting and has a lot more varieties, mainly because they breed them. Two weeks before they have the Hellebore festival!


sweetbay said...

Those are lovely hellebores. I'm the odd local gardener out with none in my garden.

Karen said...

I have to add more hellebores to our gardens, too. The size of the flowers are astounding and oh, the colors! I didn't realize there were so many different types. Great post!

Appalachian Lady said...

Gorgeous! I have to visit that place sometime to see for myself. I like the 'Cattleya Semline' best.

Larry said...

Hey Randy... either you guys have tiny hands or those are remarkably large blooms!! I planted a large number of the Peppermint Ice last season and am anxious to have them bloom. Larry

Ginny said...

I think I need to find the time to visit there and see these for myself!

Pearl@serenitycove said...

I love snow queen!!! And that pink double I agree. I want that one in my garden too.

Jen said...

really nice, I should make a trip out there to see it in person.

Shady Gardener said...

I planted peppermint ice last year. oh! I hope it blooms this Spring! There were some beauties in this post!

Curbstone Valley Farm said...

Inspired by your previous Hellebore posts, last spring I added my first Hellebore to the garden 'Tutu'. Poor thing was massively neglected, but the other day I was stunned, and excited, to see it's in bud, and about to bloom! I have say, I really like the green one you show here. Very unique!

Kim and Victoria said...

OMG. Soooo beautiful!
I bought Peppermint Ice. Maybe someday she'll bloom.

RobinL said...

There sure were a lot that you wanted for your garden, did you get them?

Ilona said...

Gives me Hellebore envy! These have become some of my favorites and now I want to plant more.

What a lovely blog you have- enjoyed it.

Janet QueenofSeaford said...

There are some beauties, well, they are all beauties, but some are really unusual and quite lovely. I like the doubles and the ones with the freckles. Hope you get some other goodies at Pine Knot.

Freda Cameron said...

Those blooms look like candy! Lovely!

Charlie said...

Gorgeous photos. I have several hellebore's in my garden. Your post really inspires me to expand that number. Photos are exceptional, thank you for posting.

Annelies Boudewijn said...

I've been following your blog for a while and now I see beautiful photos of a favorite plant of us, the Helleborus. In our town (Zwolle, Netherlands) they are barely in bloom, because it is still pretty cold. We have the plants for twenty years in our garden and they sow themselves a lot, so we are doing many friends and acquaintances a pleasure with the seedlings.
I hope to see new pictures of my other favorite plant soon, the camellias!