Wednesday, October 02, 2013

The new dog, Baxter!

Hey folks,

Hope some of you are still here it has been over 6 months since my last posting. I have missed many of your blog posts and hope to be here more often.

In mid July the new chickens started laying eggs. We usually get 3-5 eggs a day with our 5 new hens and a year old hen. Been enjoying the eggs very much. I learned the best way to make hard boiled eggs. Steam them for 15 minutes and then place them in ice water. Much easier to peel than boiling them.

The garden did great with lots of rain most of the summer. Cucumbers were in better numbers than I can recall ever. Tomatoes not so much the rain was more than they needed. Right now we have Swamp Sunflower, very tall asters, Japanese Anemones, hardy cyclamen and Miss Huff Lantana  in bloom in the garden. Today our Saffron Crocuses popped out of the ground!

The past few days I have pulled 6-7 wheelbarrows full of Japanese Bamboo Grass from the overgrown flower beds, the rain made it grow crazy. Good news is I beat letting it go to seed! Hoping to build a nice work shop and make a lovely new garden around it.

Back to what the posting is about our new dog Baxter. We think he's a a little over a year old. He's a terrier mix and wieghts 15 pounds. We adopted him after seeing him in a share on facebook that a good friend posted.

Baxter was found to need house training as he peed on the furniture the first night in the house. His training is coming along, as we are getting up in the middle of the night to let him out, no accidents yet! Our cat hates him as expected. Walking him he's a puller, got him a special harness for than and it is big help. He walks pretty well and will certainly improve. Around the house he's very active, chews on socks, chew toys are next on our list. Friday he gets his shots, next week he's getting fixed. We got him last Friday.

Here's Baxter with his new harness the lease pulls from two points, pretty cool. We bought it at the locally owned pet shop in Hillsborough on Nash Street.
 The first thing he did when I met him was to roll over to be petted just like this.
 OK office I give up arrest me.
 He jumps around so much getting any photos of him is a challenge!
Still got more bamboo grass to pull. Bunches of new plants Meg came home with. And we are planting lettuce, kale, mustard, spinach, Swiss chard and carrot seeds in the next few days. Also picked up 9 broccoli plants for the garden.