Sunday, May 06, 2012

6:30 am after the rain

Bees look as if they want to swarm. No resources to hive them if they do swarm currently on a Sunday morning.
Update 8:30AM

The bees have slowly dispersed and look to be back to normal. I might be wanting to get some frames this week to do a second split on this hive.

Update: 2:30PM

They swarmed and they swarmed big time. See the video below of my bees 50 ft up an oak tree.

Update 5:30PM
The swarm is still high in the oak tree and have not moved. Been seeing scout bees 3-4 at a time checking out the swarm trap I have 12 foot up a tree not far from the swarm. I cut back a small maple tree so they would be more in the open which they like better. We wait as rain clouds linger above them.

Update 8:00 PM
The swarm is still in the tree! The clouds have cleared and the bees will be staying in the tree tonight. Where they go in the morning is up to them. I'll post an update about 7:30AM

Update the next day at 6:30AM
The bees are clustered tightly in the oak tree still. These bees likely came from our mother hive which we did a 5 frame split on March 15th. To be honest that hive still looks fairly normal although I only opened the lid and the super on top was still full of bees.

Update the next day at 7:00PM
Looks like the bees might have entered my swarm trap in the tree. Here is a video of them coming and going. Will wait a few days to retrieve them, that is if I'm correct and they are in the box.

Update two days later 7:30AM
This morning I checked the swarm box, maybe a dozen bees inside. So the bees are gone.

Update two days later 7:30PM
Eating my words from this morning. Those bees this morning where indeed scout bees. Tonight the swarm trap is loaded with bees coming and going. This time I think there is a swarm in there. Is this my bees or bees from elsewhere, I have no idea. So time to set up hive 7. Tomorrow is expected to be stormy all day, hope I can get the items I need to pull together a hive.

Update three days later 6:00PM
Picked up deep frames and assembled them with wax starter strips. Opened the swarm box still in the tree. The 2 frames with foundation were covered in bees, 3 small combs being built from the top of the box. Lots of bees at least 3 pounds or more! Carefully removed the combs on the lid. Added 6 frames with starter strips, closed them back up. Only one tried to sting me. I'll let them adjust for several days and move them to a 10 frame deep down at the farm.


Kalantikan said...

I came in from Clare's, all bee information this morning. Am just sad our office blocked videos from coming in, so i cant see yours. I just read that bees swarm mostly because of overpopulation, now if you get the honey from the hives, what would happen to them? I wonder why i didn't ask Clare about that. I guess she replies to all questions than you do, hahaha. Peace Randy!...Andrea

Kitty said...

Which hive did they swarm from?

Anonymous said...

Hey guys! Sorry to see they swarmed so high up. I was lucky mine swarmed 20 feet away and five feet off the ground in a bush. If you have any honey supers and deep or median frames, you can throw a temporary hive together as I had to do until I could get a set-up. A swarm I caught last year was just after a rain, so maybe like people, when they see the skies clear up some, they hit the road. Keep us posted if you get them!

Caroline Gill said...

Yes, Randy, keep us posted! Amazing footage.

Janet, The Queen of Seaford said...

Split the hive again? Wow. This is fascinating.

Sam Smith said...

Lol what an adventure! I always loved swarms.. Just not to many of them, Catching them in a bait hive is the best!! Absolutely best way to get bees, totally natural, and thus the best for them as well. if you plan on moving the trap you need to account for reorientation so that they wont simply go back to the trap.

Anonymous said...

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